The better way to celebrate together 🥳

No more herding cats, tracking spreadsheets, or awkward Venmo requests. Now, easily gather a group to collaborate on a group gift or card and celebrate better, together.

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Group gifting is better gifting

We handle the stressful parts so you can focus on the 🥳

Easily get people together to celebrate, regardless of distance

Keep all communications and funds in one place

Help others give a meaningful gift without breaking the bank

Make conscious consumerism an easy choice

Group celebrations simplified

No credit card needed for sign up. Once you pick your gift type, we’ll create a custom page dedicated to your celebration with photos, messages, and occasion details.

We’ll send reminders for you and keep track of all contributions and messages from your organizer dashboard – everything in one place.

We’ll share the group gift and card with the recipient on the special day! Presently takes care of all purchasing and delivering, but organizers can choose to redeem the group funds to purchase the gift, too.

From friends to coworkers, Presently has helped groups of all sizes celebrate together

"Presently is a great platform, it's very easy to create cards to share in our organization since we are no longer in person and great to include everyone now as we are national and always felt some folks were left off when signing cards & gifts in-person previously. Highly recommend!"
Alex H., Chief of Staff
Gathered $1205 across 3 group gifts
"Simple, easy, quick! Much better than trying to coordinate in-person to sign a card, gather funds, etc."
Anonymous contributor
"Quick, easy, painless. A suitable substitute during a pandemic for handing someone a gift with a hug. (I miss the hugs the most!)"
Kimball W., Principal Engineer at Tech Company
Contributed to a coworker's farewell gift
“Presently made it easy for me to coordinate with teammates across the globe to create a truly special memory for my manager. I am so grateful that this platform exists, especially during a time when celebrations are happening a little bit differently than they usually are.”
Ariel C., Manager at Business Insider
Gathered $530 from 20 contributors
"Reaching the birthday gal’s friends all over the world who could contribute with two clicks wouldn't have been possible without Presently. We shared the gift page with her on the day of her birthday and she was overjoyed!"
Elisa B., Santa Cruz
Gathered $909 from 27 contributors
“I really like how it automates the process. No more having to collect funds via Paypal from everyone. Presently was very easy to set up for a group gift I was organizing. The best part was that the recipient could choose from a range of options rather than a few. This makes Presently more appealing and the customer service is friendly and quick to get back. Definitely my go-to for digital cards and gifts now.”
Repeat Organizer
Gathered over $1100 from 50 contributors
“Presently allowed me to contribute to a present I would not have been able to give otherwise because of both distance and COVID-19.”
Anonymous User
Participated in a group gift
“My wife and I have three kids and for each of their friends’ birthdays, we’re always stressing to figure out the right gift. Presently takes all the guesswork and complexity out for us! Parents, use Presently to save everyone the headache!!”
Mikhail H., New York City
Gathered $270 from 6 contributors
“It’s a super handy tool while we are all working from home! Way better than Venmo.”
Rachel M.
Organized 4 group gifts on Presently
“I always understood why group gifting was better from a feature perspective, but it didn’t hit emotionally until I used it for a friend.”
Garrett M., Oklahoma
Participated in a group gift
“Great tool! I was sent a card to sign for a friend's birthday during the pandemic. Great way to provide something tangible for them on a day that not everyone could get together. Excellent alternative!”
Anonymous User
Participated in a group card
“Easy hearding of cats for a group gift. Loved the digital card. Very easy to use, and makes group gifting super easy!!”
Anonymous User
Participated in a group card

Ideas to get started

Whether you’re in charge of the party planning or picking a gift, we’ve got you covered. 

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Celebrate together, with Presently

Use Presently for every occasion, from co-worker appreciation to a best friend’s bday. Do something meaningful while remote and celebrate better, together!

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