Presently helps people celebrate and connect better 🥳

Our group gifting platform gives people an easy way to collaborate on a single gift or card.

About us

Presently was inspired by mountains of untouched gifts in our home. We thought: there has to be a better way to show appreciation for the people we care about 💌

We started Presently in 2019 to help people celebrate more meaningfully, while also making it easier for organizers to bring people together without the headache.

What is group gifting?

Group gifting is a better way to give.

Come together as a group

Group gifts make it easy to ‘get together’ with friends, family, and coworkers, regardless of physical proximity.

Give a quality gift, over quantity

By collaborating, you can celebrate with a higher quality gift that will be cherished and used for longer.

Empower conscious giving

Eliminate unwanted gifts and packaging waste. Instead, set aside any excess funds for the recipient’s savings or a charity.