Happy birthday, Presently!

Happy Birthday to Presently!

We're turning one this August!

It’s Presently’s 1st birthday, and YOU made the VIP list! Celebrate with us by treating yourself to your favorite dessert, dressing in your favorite outfit, or enjoying time outdoors!

Presently was born one year ago, inspired by the mountains of untouched gifts stuffed in my family’s attic. Although family members of all ages were tired of all the ‘stuff’, we were still giving and receiving gifts in the same wasteful ways and contributing to the problem. We knew there had to be a better way to bring joy to special occasions, without all the excess. Now, Presently enables communities to gift better, together.

Will you support our mission by contributing to our birthday gift?


The money raised will help Presently continue to cover fees for communities that need it the most. If we all collaborate, we can further Presently’s mission to create more sustainable opportunities to celebrate the moments and people that matter. Every contribution helps – thank you for supporting our company!


With Love and Gratitude,
Dalia Katan
CEO and Co-Founder, Presently

It’s our birthday, but you get a gift too!

Celebrate with one month of giveaways!
We’re giving away gifts during the entire month of August! First up, we are excited to partner with Grounds for Change Coffee to give away three free 3-month ‘Coffee of the Month’ subscriptions. Check out our InstagramFacebook, and Twitter for more info on how you can win their delicious organic, fair-trade, and carbon-free coffee–and for future giveaway announcements!

Organize a group gift for a friend or loved one!