10 Best Wedding Gifts for Every Kind of Couple

Wedding celebration and best gifts for every kind of couple
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If you love parties, romance, and celebrating loved ones, then wedding season is probably your favorite time of year. Whether you’re a wedding novice or Jane Nichols from 27 Dresses, we know that picking a wedding gift isn’t always a walk in the park. If you want to buy something for the newlyweds that they’ll actually use and hope to avoid adding to the pile of monogrammed champagne flutes, we’re here to help with the 10 best wedding gifts for every kind of couple.


Best wedding gift for every kind of couple
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For the ‘Can’t Sit Still’ Couple

If the happy couple is always traveling, get them a gift to make their adventures seamless. Gather friends to chip in on a group gift and use the funds to book them an adventure on Tinggly! Choose from over 20 wedding boxes that feature trips all over the world starting at $99, or send them funds for the gift so they can pick out where they want to go! From a weekend in Washington, DC to an Italian getaway help them have a second honeymoon without all of the planning.

If the newlyweds prefer a local adventure, this personalized travel picnic table is perfect for camping or any on-the-go meals. This table is handcrafted and also acts as a wine carrier or basket! If the couple has children, this gift is also perfect to carry toys and snacks for a day at the park or the beach.


Framed wedding print
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For the Sentimental Couple

For the couple who will want to relive their wedding day, pick a gift that will capture all of the unforgettable moments. This personalized Wedding Family Portrait  by Shelly Klien on Uncommon Goods is a touching and creative tribute to their special day. Include up to 12 figures (dogs and cats included) to be featured in the portrait or organize a group gift to fund this gift and let the newlyweds pick whom they want in the piece. You can choose from over ten background items and icons such as an altar, flowers, and rings, and include the skin color, outfit preference, and hair of every person so it’s accurate to the wedding photos.

Another great gift for the sentimental couple is a voucher for a Flyphotographer session! If you can tell that the couple will most definitely be obsessed with their wedding photos, book them another private session with a local photographer from anywhere in the world. This is perfect to capture honeymoon photos or to save for anniversary photoshoots down the line – let the happy couple choose! Flyphotographer lets you pick your destinations from hundreds of options so the possibilities are endless.


JuneShine Hard Kombucha
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For the Culinary Couple

If the newlyweds love some good food and drink, get them something to sharpen their skills. Find out their favorite cuisine or something they really want to learn (even bartending) and purchase a class on Udemy! With over 100,000 classes offered on Udemy, there is no doubt that the couple will find something they will enjoy. It could be a great addition to any date night or even a simple quality time. If you want to spice up this wedding gift, pitch in with friends and get them a LeCreuset Dutch Oven and they’ll feel close to professional in the kitchen.

If the culinary couple is more into drinks than food, buy them a subscription to JuneShine! JuneShine hard kombucha is perfect for those with an advanced palette that want to try some more unique boozy options. Hard kombucha is a healthier alternative to beer, wine, or other kinds of alcoholic beverages as it has less sugar, lower calories, and contains antioxidants, probiotics, and vitamins. Subscriptions start at $61.20 with options for delivery every week, two weeks, or four weeks.


Potted plants
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For the Couple Who Has Everything

When gifting for someone who has everything, it’s time to get a little more… practical. A Costco Membership is perfect for any newlywed looking to save on groceries and get great deals. Another great way to support the newly married couple organize a wedding fund in the form of a group gift. This helps you gift easily without getting them something they already have or don’t need. Choose what you want the fund to be for like “Honeymoon Fund”, “Babysitting Fund”, or “Date Night Fund.” Invite friends and family of the couple to contribute! This way they can use your contribution for something they really need!

Practical gifts are also great when you aren’t really sure what to get someone. If the couple is planning to live together or is already, invest in some nice gifts for their home! Pick out some plants on The Sill to ship right to their home. The Sill offers a wide variety of live and faux plants that will spice up any room. If they don’t have a green thumb, get them an Amazon Echo with voice control, premium speakers, and a smart home feature that turns on lights and other appliances.


Here’s a recap of the 10 Best Wedding Gifts for Every Kind of Couple:

Weddings should be fun, joyful, and celebratory, so don’t let the hassle of finding the perfect gift get in your way. With these 10 best wedding gifts for every kind of couple, surprise the newlyweds with a unique gift or experience that they’ll cherish for years to come.

  1. Tinggly
  2. Personalized Travel Picnic Table 
  3. Personalized Wedding Family Portrait 
  4. Flytographer session
  5. Udemy classes
  6. LeCreuset Dutch Oven
  7. JuneShine Subscription 
  8. Costco Membership
  9. Group gifts: Honeymoon Fund, Babysitting Fund, Date Night Fund
  10. Plants from The Sill, Amazon Echo

Invite your friends, family, or coworkers to contribute to a bigger gift. Here’s a quick video on how you can start your group gifting journey.


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