10 Get Well Soon and Thinking of You Gifts for Coworkers

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Getting sick or going through a tough time is never fun, but a simple act of kindness can truly brighten someone’s recovery! If you and your team are thinking of ways to bring your coworker some joy, set up a group gift to send your love and support. This guide includes ten of the best get well soon and thinking of you gifts for coworkers that will put a smile on their faces, and get them feeling better, faster!


1. Gift Cards

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Gift cards are a practical gift for a coworker that may be too sick to run the errands that they need to. Whether it’s for groceries, the pharmacy, or their favorite restaurant, a simple gift card can help check a few things off your coworker’s to-do list. Instacart is the perfect platform for any convenience needs, and a tried-and-true DoorDash or Uber Eats gift card can get your coworker a much-needed comforting meal.

By choosing to set up a group gift on Presently’s group gifting platform, the recipient will be able to swap their gift card to best fit their needs, so you know your group’s gesture will have a meaningful impact.


2. Wellness Bundles

The Qi tea set
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Sometimes, the best wellness routine is done at home. Help your coworker relax and recover with Thistle Farm’s Healing Essential Oil Roll-On Kit, a beautiful flower tea set from The Qi, or some comfort items from The Grief is Love+ Set by Rest and Heal. All are great get well soon or thinking of you gift options to help your coworker feel appreciated, rejuvenated, and ready to go back to the office in no time!


3. Flowers

flowers are great get well soon gifts for coworkers
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Flowers are a classic sympathy gift and for good reason! They add color and vibrancy to any space, instantly boosting anyone’s mood. To purchase locally, Black Girl Florists has a Location Finder to help you find the best Black woman-owned floral businesses in your area. They have a great flower selection. Perfect thinking of you or get well soon gifts for coworkers!

If you are looking for something subscription-oriented, UrbanStems is a highly-rated option. You can adjust your subscription cadence, allowing flowers to be brought to your coworker as frequently as weekly! We suggest you choose the Prepaid purchase option, as it is perfect for gifting.


4. Spa Services

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Whether it’s a massage or a facial, making a blissful trip to the spa will help your coworker get the all-around relaxation that they truly need. Your team can organize a group gift to get spa getaway treat for your coworker. SpaWeek and Spafinder have partnered with thousands of spa and wellness centers conveniently located across the country, allowing your coworker to seamlessly use their credit whenever they are able to recover and unwind.


5. Food and Fruit Baskets

meal subscriptions are thoughtful get well soon gifts for coworkers
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Fill your coworker’s stomach and heart with a meaningful and personalized food or fruit basket! Just make sure to take note of their dietary preferences and restrictions.

For the DIY’er, a Hello Fresh or Good Foods subscription can bring some ease into the kitchen. For the entertainer, the Stonewall Kitchen Best of the Best Gift Set can not only be snacked on at home but reused for everything from dinner parties to charcuterie boards. Some unique treat options include Sugarfina’s Tropical Revival Bundle, the mixologist-inspired Teaspressa Luxe Sugar Cube Cocktail Kits, or a box of keto-friendly + gluten-free Elite Donuts. You can also never go wrong with a classic Edible Arrangement or a basket from 1800Flowers!


6. Books and Podcasts

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A good read can really contribute to a person’s wellness, making someone feel better by fueling their mind. Books like Feel Better in 5: Your Daily Plan to Feel Great for Life, Eat Better, Feel Better: My Recipes for Wellness and Healing, Inside and Out, and other get well soon activity books are great reads to get a coworker on a wellness kick. For the podcast lover, your coworker can choose to listen to any podcasts from this list of well-being conversations. (Organizer tip: Feel free to add the list of podcasts as a note on your group card to get your coworker feeling inspired!)


7. Home Decor Gifts

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A sentimental gift can be the most inspiring when times are tough. A personalized photo frame like the Upsimples Picture Frame Set would be big enough to hold pictures of your coworker’s favorite people or places. You can even fill it with photos from your group card!

Another great thinking of you gift is this Little Market Seasonal Candle Flight Set the air and calm your coworker’s mind. Both ideas would make a thoughtful addition to your coworker’s space.

Presently’ group gifting platform allows you and your team to pitch in if you like to give a bigger and better home decor gift, go ahead and organize group gift

8. Get Well Soon E-Cards & Phone Calls

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Kind words can be the best gift of all, and one of the easiest to give! A simple hello can carry the weight of a thousand words, letting them know that you are here for them through this difficult time. You can even take it a step further and ask how you can support them through their illness or difficulty. For additional fun, you can fund a Cameo video call by your coworker’s favorite celebrity or role model by setting up a group gift.

You can also multiply the support by bringing coworkers and friends together for a group card. With more and more people working from home, it can be more challenging to get a group card signed in person, but with Presently, you can set up a virtual group card that enables your group to sign from anywhere, whether on their WFH desks or the office lounge. You can even add fun images or favorite memories together that are sure to boost your coworker’s mood.


9. Plants and Herbs Kit

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Whether your coworker has a plethora of plants or is looking to get into the hobby, gifting them a plant can get them super excited to pursue the hobby once they feel better! The Sill makes the best in houseplant home delivery, with their Best Sellers Duo being a great gift for an intro to plant care.

Another great option is the ēdn SmallGarden Gift Set which includes a set of your choice or a DIY option of choosing your own herbs and vegetables from Truelove Seeds. For the coworker that wants to get into gardening but doesn’t have the space yet, gift them a Modern Sprout Kitchen Harvest Gift Set for a countertop garden of fresh herbs.


10. Giving Back

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While your coworker is blessed to have a team that uplifts them during difficult times, we’re also mindful that there are a lot of people who won’t receive the same support and love when they are dealing with illness or loss.

Presently’s group gifting platform allows you to either organize a gift that goes entirely to charity or sends the excess funds to an organization of your choosing. The Compassionate Friends and Human Health Project are two great organizations for your team to not only send love and support to your coworker but to others out there who are in need of an uplifting.


Presently is a group-gifting platform that gives people an easy way to contribute to a single gift, together. Presently enables communities to gift better, choosing quality over quantity. Organize a group gift here.

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