Self-Care Gift Ideas For Every Type of Chill

Self-care gift ideas for women
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Friday night is probably my favorite time of the week. Why do you ask? It allows me to really decide what my body needs. Sometimes, I need to get in a good laugh with some close friends over dinner. Other weeks, I am so tired that I simply need my fuzzy pajamas and a good read. Empower your friends, family, and co-workers to chill in the way that’s best for them with these self-care gift ideas. Whether you are celebrating a life milestone, or just getting together to inspire your hard-working friend to take a break for themselves, they will appreciate all the love that went into motivating them to relax and celebrate all that they do.

Daily Routine Must-Haves: Mindfulness and Reflection

Journaling for self-care
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Self-care starts with small steps taken every day. Whether a 15-minute reflection or an hour-long meditation, these gift ideas are sure to keep any busy bee grounded and relaxed.

The most powerful self-care tools are within you already. One self-care gift basket idea is to combine small daily rituals to help your friend live in the moment. Help them create a grounding space with a Stone Diffuser ($119) and Essential Oils Kit ($) from Vitruvi. Encourage a loved one to embark on a journey of journaling, whether a physical journal from We’re Not Really Strangers ($25) or a digital option from Day One ($35 / yr). If you raise more funds than the cost of the gift basket, you can also send your loved one the extra $$$ as a rainy day fund for them to spend some quality time with themselves!

Another great way to look within is through breathwork. Gift a way to reduce stress and anxiety, while also boosting productivity and energy levels with an Inner Breathwork Yearly Subscription ($128/yr). With an Inner Breathwork Subscription, the giftee will be led by the world’s best in guided breathwork techniques, combining traditional breathwork with a variety of innovative practices sure to make each session an unforgettable and transformative experience.


Mood boosters: Spark some joy

Therapy light as self-care gift idea
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We all need a little sunshine in our lives. For the friend whose favorite season is summer, check out the Aura Day Light Lamp ($139.99). Getting the proper amount of sunlight is vital, as it has a great impact on our overall health and wellbeing. Bringing an Aura lamp into their home will help them boost their energy, focus, concentration, and overall mood!

What’s more fun than an impromptu dance party? Hanging out with your closest friends becomes an unforgettable memory when the host presses play. Whether you’re dancing alone or with a group, get the party going by gifting a JBL FLIP 5 ($129.95). The speaker has tons of 5-star reviews, all chatting about the device’s superb sound quality.


Keep your body moving: Fitness

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Some of us need to clear our heads with a good workout. Exercise is shown to be one of the best self-care gift ideas because it improves sleep, stress, and overall mood- talk about feeling good!

A great workout for those who could use a good stretch after sitting at their desks all day is yoga. A good quality mat will inspire the giftee to get up and get flexible! Manduka makes yoga mats that are high quality, eco-friendly and biodegradable, making this gift perfect for not only helping a loved-ones practice but also helping the planet.

For the recipient who wants to get active but doesn’t know where to start, check out Obe Fitness ($200/yr). The platform offers both live and on-demand classes, with programs designed for literally everyone from the beginner to the ultimate exercise junkie. With over 5400 classes to choose from, your loved one is bound to keep their sweat going, no matter the exercise category they choose for the day!

This one is for the traveler who needs to get their lift in before they head out for meetings. The AQOTER Water Filled Dumbell Set ($60) is an eco-friendly lifting option for the fitness-lover who is always on the go. The dumbbells are simply filled with water on both ends, filling up to a max weight of 45 pounds! Once the workout is over, the lifter empties the weights making this lifting option super easy to pack up for the traveling trainer in your life.


Feeling fresh: Skincare staples

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When thinking about the best self-care gift ideas, skincare is one of the first to come to mind. I always feel the most relaxed when I’m able to get in my full skincare routine before bed. The beautiful Home Spa Set ($265) by Farm to Skin is a complete array of all the products and tools needed for a pampered night and day skincare routine. It comes with all the serums, cleansers, oils, and creams to provide you with the gift of an at-home spa.

If your giftee already has the latest and greatest in cleansers and serums, a must-have skincare device is a facial steamer. Bring the spa home to someone you love with The Pro Facial Steamer ($149) by Dr. Dennis Gross. The device is suitable for all skin types, and infuses skin with moisture, clarifies the complexion, and purifies the pores.


A good night’s rest: Nightly routines

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If the giftee’s ritual typically starts after work hours, check out the Sleeping Beauty Set ($85) by The Ethical Silk Company. Made from 100% eco-friendly fabrics, this silk sleep set ensures an amazing night of relaxation and beauty sleep. Plus, research shows that wearing an eye mask to sleep promotes healthier sleeping patterns and longer REM sleep time!

A big part of a good night’s sleep is a quiet and calming space. Give the gift of tranquil sound with the Sound+Sleep High Fidelity Sound Machine ($90). Whether nature sounds or white noise, the listener can fall asleep faster than ever before with some relaxing background noise.

To bring it all together, Bure Bure Slippers is an amazing Etsy shop making handmade felted-wool slippers. Their cozy shoes come in a variety of fun colors and sizes, making them a great gift option for any age!


Give back

Now that you’ve learned the best self-care ideas of 2021, choose to have any extra funds raised from your group gift go toward making a difference. While being mindful of your own self-care as well as the wellbeing of the ones you love, consider donating to organizations that are actively making strides toward providing mental health resources to those who need them.

Mental Health America is a community-based organization advocating for the prevention of mental illness through early identification. Additionally check out the non-for-profit Child Mind Institute, which works to transform the lives of children and families who struggle with mental health and learning disorders.

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