18 Best Baby Shower Gifts For Your Coworker

cash and gift cards as baby shower gifts to coworker
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One of the most exciting life milestones that an office can celebrate together is the celebration of new life! However, finding the perfect baby shower gift can be a little daunting. The right balance of practical and memorable can be time-consuming, but Presently has saved you some time at the search bar by putting together our favorite baby shower gifts for coworkers. Get the new parent(s) something they will cherish and actually get to use by setting up a group gift with Presently. These 18 coworker baby shower gifts are sure to get a smile of approval from the new family AND your whole team!


Meals for Busy Days

Meal subscription as baby shower gift to coworker
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All the planning that goes into welcoming a newborn sure can make the family-to-be busier than ever before. Especially in the days leading up to/ following the birth, making the time for a proper meal can be tough. Your team can help alleviate some of this stress by setting up a group gift for DoorDash or UberEats credit, or even a simple gift card to a favorite local joint. A few simple clicks will get the couple an extremely-deserved, comforting meal.

For parents that still love to cook but won’t have as much time as usual while caring for the little one, Gobble is a great gift option. Everything comes pre-diced, sliced, and prepared, and all you have to do is cook the fresh ingredients!

A fresh meal can’t be better paired with a quality glass of wine, especially after 9 months without it! Consider pairing a meal subscription service with a nice bottle to give the new parents time to relax and unwind.


For Some Much-Needed Relaxation

relaxation while pregnant
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Speaking of relaxing and unwinding, momma could definitely use something calming after the physical toll of bringing a new life into the world. If you’re a coworker of someone expecting, think about gifting a gift card to your local spa. Spafinder can help you find the best option for the mom-to-be. Or, bring the spa home with a Zeel massage right at home, a foot massager, or massage oils. For an all-around amazing pregnancy subscription box to gift, Bump and Oh Baby Boxes are filled with self-care goodies!


Reads For The Whole Family

Books as Baby Shower Gifts for Coworkers
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Parents want to know as much as they can to be the best parents they can be. Classic pregnancy books like What to Expect When You’re Expecting and Expecting Better: Why the Conventional Pregnancy Wisdom Is Wrong – and What You Really Need to Know can be of great help in giving them the knowledge they need before, during, and after the big day. You can also help build the baby’s bookshelf early by gifting any classics that your team members enjoy, or check out our pick of Eric Carle’s picture books. Everybody loves The Hungry Caterpillar!


Baby Must-Haves

baby clothes as baby shower gift for coworker
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You can’t go wrong with gifting the essentials! First, check your coworker’s baby registry to see if they have any preferred brands listed. If not, still be mindful if the color or scent you’ll choose is suitable for what they are looking for. If they have specific preferences, this is where an Amazon or Target gift card may come in handy.

If you are looking for sustainable baby clothing brands you can trust as baby shower gifts for coworker, check out MakeMakeOrganics and Pact. For anything bath-related, Babo Botanicals and Babyganics are great options! If their registry has any breastfeeding essentials listed, Medela is a great brand for evidence-based products.

For another great sustainable option, consider gifting the mom-to-be a cloth diaper bundle by either Esembly or Bungies. Your team can also organize a group gift for a diaper subscription from Hello Bello or Dyper to encourage eco-friendly parenting choices!


Getting Sentimental

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Each parent’s journey with welcoming a newborn is uniquely special. Help the new mom capture this beautiful time by funding a newborn photoshoot! Presently has compiled some of the cutest Pinterest photoshoot ideas here. To help the mom-to-be keep all of the keepsakes from this amazing time together, consider getting her a baby box like the ones at Savor. The parents can use it to store everything from ultrasound reports to the little one’s first blankie.


For The Ultimate Flexibility

baby shower party
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If you have gotten this far down with baby shower gifts for coworker, you can never go wrong with cash or a gift card like the ones listed above! Gifting cash allows the parents to either use the money to get what they need when they need it and can alternatively make a great start for savings for the newborn. Presently makes that easy (and without the awkwardness of collecting cash) with group gifting.


Giving Back

mom and baby
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With Presently, you can designate the extra funds past your goal amount to go towards a charity of choice. The complications of childbirth and pregnancy globally are insurmountable. Donating to non-profits like Every Mother Counts and March of Dimes helps mothers and children get the proper care needed. By setting up a group gift, you and your team can help make healthcare more accessible to mothers everywhere.


But that’s not all… check out our 27 Best Gift Ideas For Coworkers By Occasion.

Here’s a quick video on how you can start your group gifting journey!

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