20 Best Travel Gift Ideas For The World-Traveler

Elena Katan young woman camping on the beach in a tent holding a sleeping bag - best travel gift ideas Presently
Photo provided by Travel Influencer Elena Katan @elenakatan_

Nomadic friends are free-spirited, open-minded, and always telling the most engaging and extraordinary stories. In this blog, we curated gift ideas for travelers as most travel restrictions have been lifted, our nomads are slowly putting on their backpacks once again and filling up their suitcases, ready to take on a new adventure!

At Presently, we are all about celebrating the moments in life that matter the most. As we celebrate the opportunity to explore new places again, set up a group gift for someone in your life who deserves a proper send-off or some birthday love from friends all over the world!

We partnered with travel blogger Elena Katan (@elenakatan_) to put together our favorite gift ideas for travelers. Whether the traveler wants to backpack in the mountains or explore a foreign city, here are 20 thoughtful travel gift ideas for your favorite explorer.

Special thanks to Elena for the gift curation and for testing out so many of the products! Anything with a has been tested and approved by Elena! Follow her on Instagram and Tiktok for more travel tips. 


The Traveling Essentials

woman packing for a travel adventure in a gifted suitcase set and headphones
Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

No matter the travel distance, every nomad deserves a comfortable, hassle-free journey to their next destination. Here are some of Presently’s favorite plane picks, perfect for those who are starting their travel journey or looking to upgrade their packing game!


Packing Hacks

  • Monos Compressible Packing Cubes ($90) Suitcase disorganization is a thing of the past… with these packing cubes, Made with long-lasting tear-resistant nylon twill, this is one of the gift ideas for travelers that will travel with them through years of adventure.
  • Tumi Accents Kit  ($100) How many times have you sat around the luggage conveyor belt waiting for your suitcases watching five identical bags to yours go by? We love the Tumi Accents Kit because it adds a fun splash of color to any travel bag alongside a free monogram, almost guaranteeing that Tumi-tagged luggage will be able to be picked out from the rest.
  • Osprey Backpacks (~$250 depending on model) ✅ Osprey backpacks have a lifetime guarantee and are highly durable gift ideas for travelers of all types. (Pro Tip: The 46-50 Liter sizes are the best size for frequent flyers, given that this size just meets the carry-on limit!)


Rest and Relaxation

  • Slip Pink Travel Set ($124) ✅ One of the best parts about a long flight or ride is the peaceful nap to or from your destination. Slip’s Travel Set provides a luxurious sleep aid of a sleek matching silk pillow and eye mask!
  • Paka Apparel Sweat Set ($254) ✅ Nothing helps with relaxation more than a cozy outfit! Combine a The Hoodie ($139) and Men’s Joggers or Women’s Joggers ($125) for the perfect travel ensemble. Practical gift ideas for travelers!
  • Airpods ($179) ✅ Not only are Airpods great for flights – from the movie to the snooze, but they are also super useful for day-to-day travel. A reliable device to bring music to anyone’s routine, without the tangled wires!
  • Ugg Slippers ($100-$124) With so much time on their feet, gift your traveler the most comfortable (and fluffiest) travel experience possible. The Fluff You and Fluff Yeah Slides are great for indoor and outdoor wear, plus they support the HERproject, a collaborative initiative that creates partnerships with brands to empower and educate women in the workplace.


Remote Worker Must-Haves

woman working remotely travel experience gift idea
Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

These group gift ideas are perfect for those who are always on the road for work!


Work-from-anywhere Favorites

  • Solis Lite Global Hotspot ($139.99) Instant internet connection is essential for a digital nomad. This hotspot provides global coverage (130+ countries) in a pocket-sized device which means (almost) no travel destination is out of bounds!
  • Lumecube Mobile Creator Lighting & Audio Kit ($200.99) If the traveler in your life creates content from their adventures? If so, this is the what you should get them! The items here are great for travelers because it has a versatile stand, and customizable lighting.
  • Knack’s Little Luxuries Set, from the WFH Collection ($76) This gift idea makes for a sweet set of relaxation! The candle, hand cream, sweets, and journals will bring any traveler a blissful moment of mindfulness.
  • Ember Mug ($130) Every traveler has a preferred pick-me-up, whether it be coffee or tea. The Ember Mug keeps any drink at the perfect temperature for hours on end, making this an ideal gift for someone always on the go.

For more perfect presents for remote workers, check out our Gift Guide ‘9 Must-have Gifts for Anyone Who Works From Home’!


For the Outdoors Adventurer

man camping by a lake, traveling
Photo by Robert Forever Ago from Pexels

The outdoors lover in your life deserves the best of the best in camping essentials. These travel gift ideas will make sure any adventurer, whether a first-timer or an experienced trekker, can travel safely and comfortably!


Must-have Camping Gadgets

  • Marmot 2-P Backpacking and Camping Tent ($217.5) ✅ This lightweight tent is perfect for on-the-go campers, due to it being super light and easy to pack!
  • NEMO Equipment Inc. Flyer Sleeping Pad ($100-$172) ✅ Sleeping bags are a must but probably won’t make for the most comfortable of night’s rest. A sleeping pad is an essential gift idea for travelers for an extra much-needed layer of cushion!
  • MSR PocketRocket 2 Mini Stove Kit ($105) ✅ A great camping addition for minimalist solo backpackers. It serves as an eating and drinking vessel, perfect for everything from a quick dinner to some hot tea.
  • GoPro HERO9 Black ($283.39) Helping a friend capture the special moments of travel lets you live through their escapades! Gifting a Go-Pro gives you a peek into the eyes of the adventure and beauty that the giftee will endure.


But what gift is any traveler’s favorite? Experiences!

Elena Katan young woman standing on an iceberg in Iceland travel adventure - best travel gift ideas Presently
Photo provided by Travel Influencer Elena Katan @elenakatan_

What’s better than giving the world traveler an experience or activity that they will never forget? These friends are the doers of the world, and these virtual and experiential travel gift ideas allow them to DO just that.


Our Travel Gift Picks

  • Airbnb: Places to Stay + Experiences ($$-$$$$) ✅ From a unique stay to an unforgettable experience, Airbnb offers adventures of all kinds! You can even filter for “Unique Stays’ making for an even more individualized present.
  • Airline Gift Card ($ Up To You!) ✅ From Delta to American, your most trusted airlines offer gift cards making for the perfect way to help your nomad get out there. FlightGift also offers an even more personalized gift card experience, by allowing you to personalize your card!
  • Tinggly ($85+) This awesome online catalog offers adrenaline adventures, culinary tastings, romantic getaways, travel experiences, and more! Experiences are available throughout the world, simply give the gift box and let the recipient pick the experience or getaway. PLUS, Tinggly vouchers have no expiration date.
  • Polaroid Hi-Print Printer and Paper Bundle ($110) ✅ Lastly, speaking of capturing the moment, this bad boy is perfect to have when traveling. The recipient can print photos as they travel and give them as a souvenier to people when they return, or send fun moments as postcards from various destinations.


Giving back with Presently

Photo by Pixabay

Giving someone the gift of giving back is a great option for the person who has everything they need, or for the person who isn’t looking for anything in particular. Presently’s option for putting additional gift funds raised towards a charity of choice is also an awesome way to make a positive impact with any of these travel gift ideas.

One great way to make travel more sustainable is through the purchase of carbon offsets. Take the gift of a flight a step further by using extra funds to cancel out carbon emissions, alleviating the negative environmental impacts of flying. Most airlines offer this as an add-on, but you can also purchase an International Flight Offset from Ten Tree.

No matter the cause of choice, actively choosing to give back (or help someone else do so) directly contributes to society as a whole.

Set up a group gift with Presently to give good gifts and give back to the greater good!


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