22 Purrfect Gifts for Pet Lovers That Will Have Them Barking with Joy

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Trying to find the best gifts for pet lovers can be ruffer than trying to teach a cat to fetch: challenging, but not impossible. Don’t worry, we’ve fetched 22 of the best group gift ideas to make any pet lover wag their tail with excitement and purr with delight. (Sorry, we can’t resist the puns!)


Custom pet portrait

custom pet portraits are best gifts for pet lovers
Photo from Paint Your Life

A custom portrait of the pet parent’s beloved babies is a gift that will be cherished for years to come! West & Willow and Paint Your Life have many talented artists who specialize in creating stunning hand-painted pet portraits. Plus, you can commission a portrait of the pet and its owner together for a truly special touch.


Pet-themed home decor

Photo from Petorama

From cute bookends to throw pillows to figurines, there are endless options for pet-themed home decor. You can also go the extra mile and choose personalized items like decorative mats and crochet blankets. Just make sure the cat-shaped plant holder doesn’t turn into a cat-tastrophe. 👀


Clothing and accessories for pets (and hoomans!)

Matching accessories are one of the best gifts for pet lovers
Photo from Wild One

Help your pet-loving friend dress up and accessorize their furry pal with trendy pet sweaters and tops from Fresh Pawz and Canada Pooch. Perhaps a hot dog hat: the perfect accessory for any dog who wants to relish in its fashion sense. Maybe go the extra mile and make those two hot dogs to go with matching outfits from Spark Paws and matching accessory kits from Wildone.

If they have a sick or aging pet, or just simply want to spoil their pets, this PupRug orthopedic dog bed or Animals Matter luxury bed will do the trick!


Pet traveling essentials

Photo from Canva

One of the best gifts for pet lovers that can help them travel with ease to local destinations is this lightweight 3-in-1 HPZ™ Pet Rover stroller. It has a detachable carrier and also works as a car seat. If your pet-loving friend has larger breeds, consider getting a Pet Gear Store stroller.

For farther trips, consider the airline-compliant Roverlund out-of-office pet carrier—it’s got Oprah’s seal of approval in her Favorite Things of 2022.

Don’t forget to keep that travel stress in check with the ThunderShirt classic anxiety and calming vest. It’s like giving them a comforting hug when they need it most.


Pet grooming supplies

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Help them keep their pet looking paw-some with high-quality grooming supplies like brushes, combs, and shampoo. For a luxurious treat, you can also offer to pay for professional grooming services from Petsmart or Hydrodog mobile grooming studio.


Pet gift baskets and treats

Pet toys and treats are the best gifts for pet lovers
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Forget about diamonds, these toys and treats are a pet’s best friend. Make barkdays and meowdays extra special with a Goody Box by Chewy filled with a variety of treats and toys, or go the sustainable route with monthly subscriptions to Bocce’s Basket or Shameless Pets. Don’t forget the pet parents – they’ll love these best gifts for pet lovers combo care packages from Bisket Baskets.


Recreational activities

An opportunity to traveling together is one best gifts for pet lovers
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Downward dog has never been so literal. Get their furry friends trained and certified in training courses from Fitdog Sports Club.  For a true VVIP experience, book a stay at pet hotels like D Pet Hotels in Hollywood, Best Friends Pet Care in Walt Disney World, The Barkley Pet Hotel & Spa in California, and Olde Towne Pet Resort in Virginia. Adventurous pups will love cage-free resorts like Paradise Ranch Pet Resort and ​​Posh Pet Hotel.


Gift cards from pet stores

One of the best gifts for pet lovers is making their pets feel loved and well-taken care of
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When all else fails, you can’t go wrong with a gift card from Chewy, Roverlund, or West & Willow. Best gifts for pet lovers indeed! 😉


Giving back initiatives

Supporting animal causes is one of the best gifts for pet lovers
Photo from Canva

Pets are family, too, and not every pet is fortunate enough to live a good life. Show your support by donating to pet-giving-back initiatives from companies like Earthrated, Fresh Pawz, and PetSmart, or through your local shelters.


We hope this list has helped you find the purr-fect gifts for pet lovers in your life. Who knows, you might even get a high-paw from their furry friend! 🐾

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