27 Best Gift Ideas For Coworkers By Occasion

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Some of the fondest office memories we hold near and dear come from hitting milestones and celebrating as a team! Although some work has been permanently moved to the virtual Zoom room, here are some coworker gift ideas to keep the company culture alive.

Group gifting with Presently allows contributors to add money towards the gift of choice. This helps the office get the recipient a gift that they will never forget! Plus, a virtual card that includes personalized messages and photos from each of the contributors. (P.S. If you’re looking for coworker gifts by interest, we also published this coworker gift guide based on how your office bestie loves to celebrate!)


Baby shower gifts

baby book box with six books for babies and kids
Photo by Upon a Box

New parents have lots of new responsibilities — and not a lot of time for themselves! We chose these gifts based on popular suggestions that we’ve seen help parents with their busy schedules.

  • Upon a Box Baby Book Library ($167). Be part of the baby’s early milestones as you give this set of seven classic kid’s books. Studies show that reading promotes brain activity and early literacy skills. Plus, reading time can be a good bonding between parents and the baby!
  • Coterie The Diaper (Starting at $90/mo). A multi-month subscription to diapers is one of the most practical gift ideas for coworkers slash expecting parents. This consists of 192 pieces of Newborn diapers that can save them dollars and will add hours of undisturbed sleep for the baby. (Pro tip: Consult the recipient if they prefer this or cloth diapers.)
  • DoorDash or Uber Eats Gift Card ($25-$2,000) and Perfectly Imperfect Produce Meal Delivery Service Subscription. Baby showers aren’t just about the upcoming baby. We also need to give importance to the new parents’ happiness and health! Gift cards from Uber Eats and Perfectly Imperfect Produce can help make sure the mom-to-be can eat healthy food on time and enjoy whatever she craves.


Birthday gift ideas for coworkers

wireless charging station given as a group gift from the coworkers
Photo by Courant

Sometimes it’s hard to know what perfect gift will make for your coworker’s birthday. If you can’t decide between the wide range of gift categories available, you can never go wrong with a gift card.

  • Courant Catch ($99.99) and Sony WH-1000XM4 Noise Cancelling headphones ($348). Sometimes you just need to get in the zone. These home charging pads and headphones are perfect luxury gift ideas for coworkers who want the best tech items to boost their productivity.
  • LARQ Pitcher PureVis with Advance Filter ($139). This is one of the most effective coworker gift ideas to stay sharp and productive throughout the day to stay hydrated! This Larq Pitcher with advanced filters is super high-tech, resulting in the best, most crisp tasting water ever. The filters are plant-based and proven to be effective against a wide range of pollutants, making this the perfect addition to any home or office.
  • The Sill Best Sellers Duo Plants ($120). Calling all plant lovers! These Monstera and Snake plants from The Sill will be beautiful gift ideas for coworkers as an addition to their growing family.


Wedding gifts

newlywed couple enjoying Maldives as one of the best coworker gift ideas
Photo by Asad Photo Maldives from Pexels

If you can’t find the ideal gift on your coworker’s wedding registry, we have some awesome coworker gift ideas to help you out. These gifts are practical for the home, so they will last through the prosperous future of the couple. Whether you choose something on the registry or not, you can still split the cost with other coworkers on Presently.

  • Gift Cards from William Sonoma or Crate and Barrel. With a new future ahead, most couples would love to redecorate! Williams Sonoma and Crate and Barrel offer various sets of gift ideas for coworkers that will fit the new vibe of the couple.
  • Hotels.com Gift Card ($50-$500) Helping support a travel-heavy honeymoon with a Hotels.com Gift Card is one coworker gift idea they will surely enjoy.
  • Wine Club Subscription from SommSelect (starting at $99/mo) or Winc ($60/mo) Wines can definitely make date nights extra special. With these wine subscriptions, the newlyweds not only get delicious wine but also learn more about where the bottles come from and the culture of their origin!
  • Away Travel The Carry-On ($295) Buy a matching Away set for any jetsetting couple. Choose from the many color options for this carry-on suitcase your coworker is sure to love and use frequently.


Farewell gift ideas

woman having her facial mask
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It’s hard to say goodbye to a coworker who has been a part of your life in the past years. Whether they are leaving for retirement or a better opportunity, let them know how thankful you are by choosing one of these coworker gift ideas.

  • Airbnb Gift Cards for Adventure and Online Experiences. Help your coworker tick off something from their bucket list by gifting them an activity from Airbnb Adventure. Or if they are more the laid-back type, they can also join various Airbnb online experiences via Zoom. This is one of our favorite coworker gift ideas because it gives them the chance to adventure or relaxes as they wish with their time off!
  • Perfect Spa Getaway using Spafinder. With all the preparations that come with starting a new job, your coworkers will appreciate some relaxing time in between jobs at some of the best spas in the area. SpaFinder gift cards are some of the more frequent coworker gift ideas we see on our platform.
  • Fujifilm Instax Link Wide Printer + Wide Twin Pack Instant Film ($168.69). This is one of the gift ideas for coworkers that transform those IG-worthy office pictures into something tangible. Your coworker can use this to take snaps of their farewell party or capture moments of their next adventures!


Congratulations gifts (e.g., promotions and work anniversaries)

lady office worker holding a list of coworker group gift ideas
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Tokens of appreciation for an employee’s dedication and hard work don’t have to be limited to the usual company swag. Mix it up with one of the coworker gift ideas mentioned below to help them level up in their careers or treat them to coffee to further boost creativity and productivity.

  • BetterUp Coaching. With any promotion or milestone comes new responsibilities. Support your coworker’s career journey by rewarding their passion for learning and growth with executive coaching from BetterUp. This is one of our favorite picks!
  • Starbucks ($25-$100). For the coworker who can’t go a day without their Starbucks latte, this gift card is perfect!
  • DeLonghi All in One Combination Coffee Maker ($469.97). For coworkers who can’t choose between brewed and espresso coffee, help them upgrade their work-from-home cafe sitch with an all-in-one machine. (Want to see more coffee gift ideas? Check out our gift guide for coffee lovers!)


Thinking of you / sympathy gifts

gift basket as one of the most thoughtful coworker gift ideas to show care and sympathy
Photo by Spoonful of Comfort

In some cases, our coworkers are more like family. It is important for us to show our sympathy, and offer our love and thoughtfulness through loss. Here are some of the coworker gift ideas you can use.

  • Comforting Gift Set ($101.00). When we grieve, sometimes we just need some relaxation time to process our emotions. This set includes cozy items like a mug, herbal tea sachets, art therapy anti-stress coloring book, candles, and much more!
  • Spoonful of Comfort Gift Package ($24.99-$209.98). This heartwarming food package may not fill the emptiness your coworker is feeling, but at least, the thoughtfulness of the gesture will warm their hearts and tummies.
  • Books About Coping With Grief. There are some books that can help our coworkers understand and process the emotions they are feeling upon losing a loved one and eventually, guide them into the path of complete healing.
  • Calm’s Lifetime Subscription ($399.99). This mindfulness app is a great way to keep you calm and inspired all throughout the day. It has lots of features that can make its users – kids and adults – mentally, socially, and emotionally healthy.


A great coworker gift idea for any occasion: cash or an Amazon gift card!

dollars inside an envelope is still the greatest coworker gift idea
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Undeniably, cash is still the best gift a coworker can receive. The recipient can spend it wherever and whenever they want or save it for future use. If you or your team is not comfortable with gifting cash, Amazon Gift Cards are the next best thing you can give. With billions of items on its marketplace, The recipient can choose from so many different categories. Plus, you can have the items delivered right through the recipient’s doorstep (or inbox). Here at Presently, the recipient has the ultimate flexibility on how they can receive their gift, as they can always swap for either cash or a gift card of their choosing!


Giving Back to the Future of the Workforce

Make an impact not only in your coworkers’ life but also in the lives of the youth. Donating money to the youngest generation of students supports the success of our future changemakers. This support will allow young academics to get the job they love, and chase after their goals and passions. Hopefully, this will even lead them to celebrate with Presently when they hit their first career milestone! When setting up a group gift, the organizer can choose whether the excess fund will go to the recipient’s savings or a chosen charity like those mentioned below:

  • Step Up for Students is a non-profit scholarship funding association that helps facilitate four scholarships for struggling or disadvantaged children in Florida.
  • Do Something is a youth-led movement that launches various campaigns, scholarships, and other social activities that make a difference in society.


Here’s a recap of the 27 Best Gift Ideas For Coworkers By Occasion:

  1. Upon a Box Baby Book Library ($167)
  2. Coterie The Diaper (Starting at $90/mo)
  3. DoorDash or Uber Eats Gift Card ($25-$2,000)
  4. Perfectly Imperfect Produce Meal Delivery Service Subscription.
  5. Courant Catch ($99.99)
  6. Sony WH-1000XM4 Noise Cancelling headphones ($348)
  7. LARQ Pitcher PureVis with Advance Filter ($139)
  8. The Sill Best Sellers Duo Plants ($120)
  9. William Sonoma Gift Card
  10. Crate and Barrel Gift Card
  11. Hotels.com Gift Card ($50-$500)
  12. Wine Club Subscription from SommSelect (starting at $99/mo)
  13. Wine Club Subscription from Winc ($60/mo)
  14. Away Travel The Carry-On ($295)
  15. Airbnb Gift Card
  16. Perfect Spa Getaway using Spafinder
  17. Fujifilm Instax Link Wide Printer + Wide Twin Pack Instant Film ($168.69)
  18. BetterUp Coaching
  19. Starbucks ($25-$100)
  20. DeLonghi All in One Combination Coffee Maker ($469.97)
  21. Comforting Gift Set ($101.00)
  22. Spoonful of Comfort Gift Package ($24.99-$209.98)
  23. Books About Coping With Grief
  24. Calm’s Lifetime Subscription ($399.99)
  25. Cash
  26. Step Up for Students donation
  27. Do Something donation

If you’re looking for coworker gifts by interest, we also published this coworker gift guide based on how your office bestie loves to celebrate!

Here’s a quick video on how you can start your group gifting journey!

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