4 Caffeinated Gift Ideas For Your Coffee-Loving Friends

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We all have that friend that can’t get their day going without a cup of joe. From the exercise junkie who uses it as their pre-workout to the connoisseur who drinks a latte like an aged glass of wine, coffee-loving friends come from all different interest backgrounds. That’s why choosing the best gifts for coffee lovers may be a bit tricky.

You can always express your love for a friend through a gift that covers one of their many interests that make them special. Setting up a group gift with Presently allows you to do just that, with the help of the friends and family of the recipient, making it extra special and personalized.

Here are the four best gifts for coffee lovers sure to surprise even the friend who seems to have all the newest gadgets and grounds.


The Experimentalist: The Equity Coffee Gift Box

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We all have that friend who will try the funkiest sounding item on the menu.

The Equity Coffee Gift Box from Grounds for Change comes with four 12 oz. bags of fair trade coffee and six delicious bars of chocolate, allowing the drinker to expand their coffee palette and try out new roasts with not-so-common flavor notes and combos. GFC also works to benefit community-based programs in coffee-growing countries, allowing the buyer to directly support the industry that their morning cup is coming from.

If you’re looking for some more Seattle-based coffee, check out BeanBox, a coffee subscription service sure to expose your friend to a variety of different coffee flavors and brands from all around the world.


The Self-Proclaimed Barista: Barista One- Course and Certification

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The gift of learning is definitely one of the best gifts for coffee lovers. Your friend who spends Saturday mornings trying out the latest designs in latte art can now become a certified barista from home!

The Barista One Course and Certification is a 20-hour experience that teaches the user everything to do behind the coffee bar. Structured across seven chapters, your friend will learn everything from modern coffee terminology to how to master making the perfect batch of cold brew.

As the course advances, latte art and technique become a focus so that the attendees can really show off their skills! At the end of the course, the user is presented with official certification that they can share with everyone from their friends to prospective coffee shop employers.


The Nature Lover: Jetboil Flash Java Kit Cooking System

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There’s nothing like drinking a hot cup of coffee in the morning while looking at the great outdoors. For your friend who would rather drink a cup of coffee up in the mountains than at a desk or countertop, the Jetboil Flash System is a perfect addition to their backpack.

The system brews two cups of boiling water in a mere 100 seconds! It also works as a french press, so there will be no sacrifice in terms of quality when brewing a cup on the go. It also efficiently stores the cup within the machine, so that it isn’t taking up too much space in a bag.

Your friend who is always on their way to their next backpacking adventure deserves the best gifts for coffee lovers! They will surely appreciate the simplicity and convenience of this new tech!


The Interior Designer: Nispira Belgian Luxury Royal Family Balance Siphon Coffee Maker

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There is always that one friend whose middle name is aesthetic. Their Instagram feed is meticulously planned, and each outfit is as organized and detailed as their color-coded closet. Phot-ops are a requirement of every gathering, from Sunday morning coffee to a night on the town.

Next time your friend has brunch at their place, a shot of the table is almost a given. A fancy and aesthetically pleasing coffee maker can totally up someone’s social media game.

This Belgian coffee maker by Nispira is sure to catch some eyes. With its smooth wooden base, stainless steel water retainer, and gold hardware, this coffee maker is the perfect addition to someone’s kitchen design. Not to mention, it is reviewed to be one of the best gifts for coffee lovers because it brews the perfect cup of coffee, completely bitterness-free.


Looking at the Bigger Picture

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If you can think of a coffee-related product, it’s probably already on the market. Anything and everything coffee is all the hype. However, when taking a look at the bigger picture, most of the people who harvest the beans for your cup are not experiencing the glamour and ease that you are.

You can turn your morning coffee into an act of kindness by donating the extra funds from your Presently group gift to a charity that helps those who work in the coffee-growing industry. A big problem within this industry is the lack of young coffee farmers.

Coffee Kids creates a more financially sustainable environment for young growers by establishing connections between mentors and young coffee growers, opening local coffee shops in farming communities, and aiding in the access to SBAs to further establish complementary businesses that make the act of growing coffee a more stable and viable lifestyle.

Make a difference in not only a friend’s life but the lives of many facing economic poverty by setting up a group gift with Presently today.


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