4 Group Gifts for a Home-Office Revamp

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With kitchens becoming virtual classrooms and basements becoming virtual board rooms, a lot has changed this past year! We all have had to adapt in ways we never imagined we would, in areas of our lives we never predicted would change – including the blurry line between work and life.

Bring some feng shui to your loved one’s home office by setting up a group gift with Presently. They’ll feel equal parts supported by friends and family and boosted into new levels of productivity by their new workplace revamp.

Here are four ideas to help amp up an at-home workspace:


Upgraded Sound Experience

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Working from home as a whole household can get busy and distracting. A pair of reliable Bluetooth headphones will help a loved one drown out the noise, and stay focused. You can never go wrong with a classic pair of Airpods Pro, with voice-activated Siri access and a wireless charging case. For a more noise-canceled experience, the Bose Sport Earbuds are perfect for a loved one who will use their headphones on a morning run to start off the day before hopping on calls.

Finally, a good soundtrack can go a long way in boosting productivity! Whether you listen to classical, binaural beats, or lo-fi, playing music while you work absolutely gets the creative juices flowing. And who can say no to a midday dance break? The Sonos Play:1 – Compact Wireless Smart Speaker creates room-filling sound that can be played across the whole house if connected to a Sonos System. The JBL – Flip 4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker is Bluetooth-enabled, and allows the user to take hands-free calls, making any office experience seamless.


Ergonomic Office Chair

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Long hours at a desk not only up the need for a post-work yoga session but also risks some seriously unnecessary back problems. An investment in an ergonomic chair can make all the world’s difference in a work routine.

This Herman Miller Aeron Chair With Posturefit fully accommodates the widest possible range of activities and postures through its shape, purposefully designed to evenly distribute one’s body weight. If you are looking for a less expensive group gift option, the Mcglone Ergonomic Executive Chair is complete with memory foam padding keeping you as relaxed as possible through typically stressful deals.

For a more modern look, check out the Armen Living Summer Chair. This piece will add an extra pop of brightness to any home office.


Productivity and Creativity Software

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Luckily, working from home provides us with a bit of creative downtime. Some schedules are less structured than they typically would be at the office, giving more space for personal growth and skill development.


Support a friend’s professional endeavors with a subscription to an Adobe Suite 1-Year Plan to help them sharpen their digital skills.

Does your loved one need some tutorials? Getting them a Skillshare account will allow them to learn their new software, with additional access to 1000s of other learning topics!


Get things done with a subscription to Asana. Help your loved one streamline their workflow with the platform’s multiple board view types.

Is your loved one’s desk a neverending stack of notebooks and to-do lists? Get their thoughts better organized with Evernote, a great note-taking platform.


Whiteboard for Task Organization

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For an extra bit of motivation, a master task list, and a convenient place to jot down the master grocery list, give a loved one a giant whiteboard for their space. The Standard Melamine Dry Erase Board by Uline makes for a reliable addition to any home office. (This is a top pick by Presently’s founder!)


Give Back This Season

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While a loved one may have no issues transitioning to a fresh work environment, there are many people unfortunately struggling to make ends meet. Make your gift count this holiday season by considering donating the extra funds of your organized group gift to one of the following organizations:

Carpenter’s Shelter

Since 1988, Carpenter’s has helped over 700 children, families, and adults each year stabilize their lives and overcome homelessness.

Hope International

Donations help individuals turn their talents, education, or skills into sustainable businesses.

Pencils of Promise

Pencils of Promise, or PoP, brings education to kids around the world. This nonprofit builds schools, trains teachers, and mentors students.

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