5 Environmentally-Friendly and Socially Conscious Group Gift Ideas

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Gifting can be meaningful and green! As companies are learning the importance of their role in environmental protection, we’re seeing more environmentally-friendly initiatives and supply chain production changes that focus on sustainability. These are important efforts, but consumers play a role too! Each year, 5 billion pounds of waste from returned gifts end up in landfills after the holidays. By proactively addressing excess gifting, and giving environmentally-friendly group gifts, we can each take steps to reduce waste and the environmental impact of gifting.

Each year, 5 billion pounds of waste from returned gifts end up in landfills after the holidays. Share on XTake steps today to become a conscious consumer and a conscious gifter. Group gifting is a great way to start because friends and family can come together on a single gift! To have an even more profound impact, give a group gift that is environmentally friendly and/or socially conscious. Below are some perfect group gifts for those who care about reducing waste and actively helping the environment!


Zero-Footprint Excursions

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If you are looking to feed your friend’s adventurous side, give them environmentally-friendly group gifts that let them get away for a trip and leave no trace. Escape and enjoy the outdoors with an REI gift card that could fund some camping or backpacking gear. Add a Patagonia Los Gatos Fleece Jacket made from recycled, fair trade certified, and organic materials to ensure your friends stay warm in the outdoors. Thanks to Patagonia’s 1% for the planet initiative, 1% of sales go toward the preservation and restoration of the natural environment. Give a pair of comfy leggings perfect for hiking the trails from Girlfriend collective, and watch your friends rock athletic wear made from recycled water bottles and fish netting. Include a reminder in the card to ensure your loved ones leave their surroundings just as they found them–or better!


Consciously Created Food

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Support your friend’s current love of food or inspire their next new hobby as a barista. When you are shopping for your friends who love to cook, consider products that will help reduce unnecessary waste from food production. Reinforce healthy eating habits and eliminate food waste through environmentally-friendly group gifts like this subscription from Perfectly Imperfect Produce.

Or consider a Coffee of the Month subscription from Grounds for Change fair trade coffee and organic coffee that is carbon-free certified. Grounds for Change is also a proud member of 1% For The Planet, an alliance in which they donate over one percent of their total annual sales to environmental non-profit organizations in support of their missions! When you are done with your meal, wash it down with water in a reusable water bottle from Hydroflask. Not only does Hydroflask cut out the waste from single-use plastic bottles, but they also donate to help preserve nature’s green spaces through their Parks for All initiative.


Sustainable Bath/Beauty Products

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Everyone knows the importance of self-care, but why not take care of the environment as well? Give a loved one environmentally-friendly group gifts like these skin products that make them feel rejuvenated from Osmia. Their products use the highest quality natural ingredients that are always consciously-sourced, and organic when possible. Plaine Products also uses eco-friendly packaging with boxes made from 95% post-consumer waste and 5% post-industrial waste, so no new materials are used. If you can’t decide on the perfect individual beauty product, try giving a The Detox Box subscription. This subscription box collects several useful products from socially conscious brands and packages them neatly in one box of goodies.


Ethically Sourced Clothing

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In addition to some of the great clothing items suggested above, your casual wear can also benefit the environment. Clothes are one of the most common gift items, but many manufacturing processes and materials are harmful to the environment. If you are looking for ways to satisfy your fashionista friends while reducing waste, try purchasing clothes from brands with sustainability initiatives, like Toms or Tentree. Toms’ earthwise products are rooted in earth-friendly materials and processes, and Tentree — as their name suggests — will plant ten trees for each item you buy.

If you are looking to make both socially and environmentally friendly group gifts, consider a Parker Clay leather bag made from sustainable leather – leather that is a byproduct of local farming and agriculture industries. Additionally, Parker Clay’s products are committed to a social mission of empowering young Ethiopian women to become economically independent.


Completely Recycled Products

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Of course, the best environmentally-friendly group gifts are to purchase 100% recycled products. Leading companies are working hard to turn everyday waste into amazing must-have products. Brands like Rothy’s make washable woven flats from recycled materials, and bags/backpacks from Up-Fuse use recycled plastic waste in their slow fashion process. If these ideas don’t speak to you, check out Ecovibe and Kool & Konscious online marketplaces for more recycled gift ideas.


Make your gift go even further

With Presently, any excess funds raised can go toward the recipient’s savings or directly toward a cause of your choosing. There are several great organizations that are working hard to improve our planet like the Environmental Defense Fund, The Nature Conservancy, and the Trust for Public Land. All three organizations are firmly committed to their causes and have an extensive national reach!


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