6 Fun Holiday Gifts Ideas For New Parents

a couple spending quality time with their baby is one of the best gifts for new parents
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New parents do SO much. Having a baby is like taking on a second full-time job, but the bundle of joy that they get to raise and watch grow step by step is priceless. As their friends, the best we can do is to extend help or give practical gifts to new parents.

Setting up a group gift for the newbie parent will show them the love and support they have as they embark on this new and exciting journey. Give the new parents in your life a well-deserved break with these five gifts sure to make their hectic life a little less crazy.


Baby Dream Machine

a man and an infant sleeping while covered in a blanket, moments like these are best gifts for new parents
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To get the new parent some extra sleep time, check out the Baby Dream Machine. The Sleep Expert Recommended 5-in-1 device uses a variety of all-natural methods to get your baby sleepy, including red light therapy, aromatherapy, and pink noise.

Promising Review: “Now that the baby is finally sleeping better, my husband and I are also able to sleep better (finally)! She used to wake up 3-4 times per night, but now we are down to only one night waking and after a quick feed, she goes right back to sleep! I am so happy with this device!”


Cloud Foot Massager

Self-care items are the best gifts for new parents
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Many new parents are running off of five cups of coffee and four hours of sleep! It’s hard to find some “me” time as a new parent, especially when they’re on their feet most of the day. Give those new parents something to look forward to other than sitting down! Items like this Cloud Foot Massager ($239.99) are useful gifts for new parents that grant them the comfort and all of the “me” time that comes with it!

Promising Review: “I am over-the-top thrilled by this new foot massager I bought from Cloud Massage. Immediately after my first use, I knew beyond the shadow of any doubt, that this is by far the best investment I have ever made in and/or for myself!”


Pressure Cooker

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With all the time that it takes to care for a little one, finding time to make the perfect meal can be difficult. The Instant Pot Duo Plus 9-in-1 Multi-Functional Smart Cooker allows for quick, easy, and delicious meals with a 6 Qt compartment for them to sauté, steam, cook, and warm meals for the whole family!

Promising Review: “This pressure pot is large enough for family usage, easy to clean, and very practical. It is very convenient for me to stew and cook rice, which also saves me a lot of time because it cooks so fast!”


Date Night Box

man and woman on a date night
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New parents need some time alone, together! Gift them a night of relaxation and romance with the Fresca Italian Pasta Night Gift Crate ($99.95) from Williams Sonoma. The set includes everything you need to have to make an authentic Italian meal plus a reusable crate of wood. All you need is this crate, and the new parents will be transported to a candlelight dinner in Florence!

Promising Review: “Very nice collection of things, recipe book, pasta spoon etc., but the best part is the jar of sauce! The sauce is thick and very flavorful. I would love to buy more.”


A Cozy Set for Mom

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Mom deserves all the cozy newborn snuggles she can get. Make her postpartum experience as comforting as possible with the Hatch-To-Hospital Box ($248). All of the products are made from organic bamboo making for a luxurious and pampered lounge around.

Promising Review: “I bought this set to have something special to wear in the hospital after delivering my son. The real use came after I got home. I found myself wearing every item so I bought another set so I could wear everything each day and swap it out in the laundry. Even the socks and underwear are particularly comfortable!”


Newborn Photoshoot

newborn photoshoot
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We all know how new parents can be sentimental when it comes to their newborns. Why not organize a newborn photoshoot? Family and friends can gather to do a DIY photoshoot. Or they can pool together a fund to a hire professional newborn photographer in the area. This photoshoot session will surely be one of the best gifts for new parents they will treasure forever!


Here’s a recap of 6 Fun Holiday Gifts Ideas For New Parents:

  1. Baby Dream Machine
  2. Cloud Foot Massager
  3. Instant Pot Duo Plus 9-in-1 Multi-Functional Smart Cooker
  4. Fresca Italian Pasta Night Gift Crate
  5. Hatch-To-Hospital Box
  6. Newborn photoshoot

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