5 Group Gifts to Say ‘Thank You’ to Teachers

Teacher Appreciation: Teacher Helping Group Of Elementary School Children In Computer Class

With the school year coming to a close, we want to help you say thanks to the incredible teachers in your life!

This past year, teachers went above and beyond to make the transition to online learning as easy and fun as possible for students. Whether congratulating graduates with signs in their front lawns or whiteboarding complicated math problems at a safe six-foot distance, our educators have worked tirelessly to help students feel supported. Now’s a great time to show your appreciation for teachers by collaborating with other parents or classmates to give a gift that will help them feel valued and recharge after a strenuous semester.

Presently makes it easy for parents and classmates to collaborate on one meaningful teacher appreciation gift during COVID-19. Show teachers just how much you value them by organizing a group gift with Presently. We spoke to several dozen teachers to find what gifts would be most impactful for them: here are five teacher appreciation gift ideas to get you started!


Travel Experience

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After a long year, teachers are itching for vacation! A little escape is just what they need to relax, recharge, and feed their sense of adventure. An Airbnb gift card or Outdoorsy camper van booking makes for the perfect getaway during social distancing; or, consider selecting an airline gift card for when traveling is safe again.


Experiential Subscription or Membership

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An experiential subscription is an amazing virtual gift idea for teachers who love to try new things. Help teachers reconnect with the people they love and start the summer with a fun new routine. With gifts like farm-to-table meal subscriptions, craft boxes, planting kits, cheese of the month club, or virtual wine tastings, teachers can enjoy food, fun, and family online or in-person.


Wellbeing Boosters

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One of the most common things we heard from teachers was that they don’t have time for self-care. This summer, nourish your teachers with a gift that will nurture their mental and physical health. Virtual yoga classes, gym memberships, online spin classes, and mindfulness app subscriptions are great ways to show your teacher you care about their wellbeing. With a range of options from active to restorative, these personal gifts show how much your class cares about your teachers as whole beings.

Added bonus: Down Dog has also made its wellness app free for students and teachers until July 1st so that classmates and educators have access to fitness through the end of the school year.


Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription

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Allow teachers to fully express their creativity with a year-long Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. With access to programs like Photoshop, Lightroom, and Premiere, Creative Cloud is a great gift for creating art, editing photos, and splicing together videos. Creative Cloud will continue to bring joy to your teachers both inside and outside the classroom!


Gift Card to the Local Grocery Store

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The best self-care gift of all is a nourishing home-cooked meal made of high-quality ingredients. Give your teachers an easy way to treat themselves with a gift card to Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, or the local grocery favorite. Or, for those late nights grading papers, an Instacart, UberEats, or Doordash gift card can also go a long way in helping them eat healthy during a time crunch. Whether experimenting with new recipes, perfecting old ones, or kicking back with their favorite snacks, this is a great gift for any foodie!


The gift that keeps on giving

This end-of-school season, give a gift that will help your favorite teachers give back to themselves. These thank you ideas for teachers are a great place to get started. To make your gift even more meaningful, any excess funds gathered in your Presently group gift can go toward your teacher’s rainy day fund so that teachers can continue to practice the self-care of their choosing throughout the year!


Presently is a group-gifting platform that gives people an easy way to contribute to a single gift, together. Designed for kids and adults alike, Presently enables communities to gift better, choosing quality over quantity.

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