6 Best Gifts for College Grads and Young Adults

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Students and young adults get to experience many important life moments, like celebrating landmark birthdays, graduating from college, and starting their careers. All of those milestones deserve to be celebrated — even during social distancing!

To get them a present that truly recognizes their accomplishments, consider organizing a group gift for your friend or loved one’s upcoming celebration. (Or, if your special occasion is coming up, give your best friend or parents a little nudge!) It’s the perfect way for friends and faamily to come together to honor special moments.

Here are six of the best gifts for young adults and college students. Organize it as a group gift here on Presently.


Learning Subscription

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Learning doesn’t end after graduation! Give your favorite lifelong learner a MasterClass membership, where they can learn new skills from famous instructors. Your friend or loved one can choose to take a cooking class from Gordon Ramsey, study acting with Natalie Portman, or learn photography from Annie Leibovitz.

For gift recipients with an even wider variety of interests, Skillshare also offers thousands of classes in creative arts, business, and technology, and Bluprint has all their craft needs covered. No matter what online class membership you choose, your loved one will get to pick up a hobby that they can enjoy for years to come.


Travel and Adventure

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Whether backpacking in Southeast Asia or sipping cocktails on a Caribbean beach, traveling in your early 20s is one of the best gifts for young adults. It is also the most memorable way to enjoy freedom, experience different cultures, and teach you to adapt to unexpected situations. Give your loved one the trip of a lifetime by setting up a Presently group gift. Help them stay somewhere memorable with an Airbnb gift card or assist with the cost of a plane ticket.


Gym Membership

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It can be easy to stray from regular exercise once you start a 9 to 5 job. That’s why investing in health and physical wellness is one of the best gifts for young adults. Setting up a group gift for a year-long membership to Orangetheory Fitness, Barry’s Bootcamp, a local gym or yoga studio, or a home gym setup, will help your friend maintain healthy habits when their new jobs start in the fall. The gym can also be a great place for them to meet friends if they’ve recently moved to a new city.


Furniture and Home Goods

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Help your friend set up their new place with quality furniture and kitchen appliances that will last for years. A gift card to Wayfair will allow them to pick out the perfect sofa for streaming movies with friends. Giving them a gift card to Williams Sonoma or a local home goods store means they can buy a Kitchenaid mixer for baking marathons or a Nespresso coffee machine to make Saturday morning cappuccinos.


Wardrobe Overhaul

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One of the best gifts for young adults is to help them transition from college to the professional world by gifting them a wardrobe overhaul. Set up a Presently group gift for a gift card to Banana Republic, J.Crew, or whatever clothing brand fits their professional style best. They’ll walk into their new job feeling confident and ready to make a great first impression.



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After everyday use, computers tend to get worn out in college. An Apple or Microsoft gift card for a new laptop or tablet can come in handy both for those late nights working in Google Slides and for binge-watching favorite shows with friends. Or, choose to group gift a GoPro to help the person you’re celebrating capture all of their big moments, or a home studio setup with an iPhone light ring and tripod to help create great content from anywhere.


Take your gift even further

With Presently, your group gift can go even further. When you set up a Presently gift, you can choose what you want to do with any extra funds raised. Once you’ve reached the target amount for the gift, you can continue to collect funds for a college savings account, 401K, or charity. This way, your gift recipient gets a memorable gift for life as well as an investment in their future. Here’s a simple video on how to start your group gift.


Here’s a recap of the 6 Best Gifts for College Grads and Young Adults:


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