7 Sustainable Group Gift Ideas for Green-Beauty Lovers

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Over the past few years, sustainable living has become more and more attainable as brands are making more of an effort to offer products that are designed to stay out of landfills. Thus, making them perfect for our sustainable gift ideas.

Treat someone special in your life and set up a group gift that provides both them and Mother Earth with some TLC. Here are seven group-giftable ideas for face, body, and hair that are perfect for the zero-waste beauty lover in your life!



Tata Harper items sustainable gift ideas for the face
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Tata Harper 24/7 Glow Kit ($124)

This kit is a complete, 6-step regimen for brighter skin. The majority of Tata Harper’s packaging is made of glass and is meant to be recycled or upcycled after use. Any plastic that is used in packaging is made from sugar cane and any ink is soy-based. The set is also delivered in 100% post-consumer packaging, meaning this is one of the sustainable gift ideas that you AND the earth can feel good about giving.


skincare are one of the best sustainable gift ideas we can give
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Herbivore Botanicals Moment of Clarity Essential Kit ($39.99)

All herbivore products are non-toxic, safe, and effective. These bestseller items are sustainable gift ideas that are the powerhouse for calming stressed skin. They purify, smoothen, and hydrate. Herbivore even has an article on ideas to upcycle the packaging once the bottles are empty!

Kjaer Weis facial oil's reusable bottle makes it one of the sustainable gift ideas
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Kjaer Weis Iconic Edition Facial Oil  ($195)

This facial elixir is formulated with nutrient-rich, organic oils to nourish and brighten skin. You can buy the bottle only once and can refill it for years to come for a discount, making it one of the great sustainable gift ideas for anyone looking to cut down on their packaging waste.




Photo courtesy of Kate McLeod

The Head to Toe Set ($115)

Say goodbye to plastic bottles and sticky lotion with the Kate McLeod Body Stone. These stones are sustainable gift ideas that are crafted of five food-grade butters and oils, essential oils, and no water. Buy the set once and sample Kate McLeod’s different scents; then refill the signature bamboo canister with any full-size Kate McLeod Body Stone ($45).

top view of the Lauren’s All Purpose Salve in a ceramic jar
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Lauren’s All Purpose Salve in Ceramic Jar ($54)

As the name suggests, this balm is one of the best sustainable gift ideas because it can be used anywhere for just about anything. The formula is powerful, so just a dab will do. In this 100% plastic-free and reusable ceramic container, the salve will look beautiful in any home, making it a perfect piece of decor as well as a body-care staple.



Hairstory New Wash Deep and brushes are sustainable gift ideas for the hair
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Hairstory New Wash Deep Kit ($76)

While this hair wash is not completely plastic-free, it comes in pouches, not bottles. According to Hairstory’s site, replacing shampoo and conditioner bottles with a Hairstory pouch can reduce plastic consumption by 91%. The kit also comes with a powder to refresh hair between washes and a scalp massaging brush and with the option to add on an aluminum pump bottle.


Goop's Sangre de Fruta have bottles great for sustainable gift ideas
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Sangre de Fruta Head of Roses Botanical Shampoo & Conditioner ($104)

These organic, cleansing and nourishing items are sustainable gift ideas that are hand-crafted in small batches from essential oils and plant-based ingredients. With no synthetics, fillers, fragrances, or preservatives, it makes for a luxurious, and beneficial washing experience. The shampoo and conditioner come in glass bottles and while Sangre de Fruta does not sell refills specifically, the bottles are well-made and can be refilled with any liquid product.


Giving back

While shopping and gifting sustainably are impactful, another option is to designate any excess funds toward a charitable donation to an organization dedicated to healing our earth, like 1% for the Planet. 1% for the Planet is a non-profit organization that aims to build and support businesses, communities, and other nonprofits that are committed to healing our earth through protecting our natural resources and developing more sustainable practices.


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