8 Best Group Gifts for Mom and Dad For Any Occasion

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Parents do it all, from helping you learn how to say your first words, helping you get on the school bus, and even helping you do your taxes! They learn how to know what you want when you want it and they do it without expecting anything in return. So how do you find appropriate gifts for mom and dad who have done so much?

Milton Berle said, “If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?” Our parents have always done everything possible to make birthdays and holidays special for us, now it’s up to us to make it special for them, too!

From helping parents with cooking to relaxing those sore muscles, here are our ideas for gifts for mom and dad. Collaborate with the rest of the family to make your parents’ birthdays, Mother’s or Father’s Day, or the holidays extra special!


For the early riser

a cup of coffee is one of the perfect gift ideas for mom and dad
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My parents can’t get their day started without a cup of coffee. For parents who LOVE coffee but can never seem to keep it hot, the Ember Smart Mug is a gift for them! The Ember Mug can keep the mug at a temperature picked by the user straight from their phone. Bring the future of coffee to the parent in your life and give them a gift that’ll forever warm their hearts.

You can also gift them the Vertuo Chrome & Aeroccino3 Milk Frother, which automatically tops your coffee with a natural amber crema for the deepest, most complex flavor and richest aroma. The set also comes with a milk frother, so whipping up something fancier like a cappuccino will be something of ease!


For the busy bee

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Homemade meals are essential to bringing the family together. Parenting, and life in general, get in the way sometimes, making it hard to find time to prepare meals for everyone. Take some time off of their plates so they can focus their time on things they love by signing them up for Home Chef. Home Chef specializes in the creation of tasty and adventurous meals, giving parents the needed time to relax. It doesn’t stop there, with 15+ meal options a week, these meals are perfect gifts for mom and dad who want an easy way to change it up.


For the chef who wants to take it up a notch

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Cooking a great meal is one thing, but cooking a fresh meal makes all the difference. The AeroGarden Harvest Elite 360 is the perfect way to freshen up a delicious dinner. The device includes Aerogarden’s Gourmet herb seed kit (6 Pod) with Genovese Basil, Curly Parsley, Dill, Thyme, Thai Basil, and Mint & a 3oz bottle of patented, all-natural plant nutrients (enough for a full season of growth). All these ingredients are perfect gifts for moms and dads who love to cook together.


For parents who love the outdoors

a tent overlooking a vast amount of land with a beautiful sunrise is one of the best gift ideas for mom and dad
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A deep breath of fresh air accompanied by birds chirping can put anyone at ease and is exactly what your parents need. Celebrate mom and dad with the National Parks & Federal Recreational Lands Annual Pass where they have access to more than 2,000 federal recreation sites, free of entrance fees. It’s a gift that continues to give all year round and can cover all the adults in the same vehicle. Help mom and dad be at one with nature this year!


For the workaholic who needs a break

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Our parents need to unwind every once in a while! Help them truly get cozy and relaxed on the weekends with the Super-Plush Robe from Brooklinen. It is extra thick and made of Turkish cotton, resulting in the most spa-like comfort. The robe comes in 4 different colors from a bright white to a cool blue and is inspired by Brookelinen’s extremely popular towel line. Your parents will not be able to thank you enough for this cozy and stylish gift!

If your looking for the ultimate Mother’s Day gift, look no further than Rest & Heal’s New Mother + Kit! The set comes with a luxury robe, a cloth-bound journal, and a moisturizing bath bomb, perfect for helping any new mom relax, unwind and take good care of her health.


Take your gift even further

With Presently, your group gift can go even further. When you set up a Presently group gift, you can choose where the extra funds you receive go. This holiday season, help out your local community by using the extra balance to purchase clothes or food for those who need it in your area and donate your purchases to a clothing or food drive.

Here’s a summary of gift ideas for mom and dad:


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