8 Group Gifts for Expecting Mothers That She’ll Actually Use

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Pregnancy and postpartum are two challenging moments for a mama-to-be. Skip the generic gifts and collaborate with others to give them the tools and things she needs to start her motherhood journey with confidence with these 8 gifts for expecting mothers!


Keep her cozy

best gifts for expecting mothers are Hatch-to-Hospital box items like pair of comfy briefs, super-soft socks, and a nightgown and robe
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Hatch Collection Hatch to Hospital Box  ($248)

Help mom-to-be take the guesswork out of packing her hospital bag with this set. With everything she needs to get cozy and stay comfortable, this is definitely one of the best gifts for expecting mothers. This organic bamboo set contains a pair of comfy briefs, super-soft socks, and a nightgown and robe.


Storq clothing gifts for expecting mothers
Image by Storq

Storq 4-piece Basics Bundle ($250)

Looking for a capsule wardrobe to take her through the nine months and beyond? Look no further! These maternity basics are comfy and classic as well as c-section and nursing-friendly for when the time comes. These timeless pieces transition easily into everyday life after birth, making them the perfect investment for mama-to-be.


Time for herself

gifts for expecting mothers include Ember ripple mug
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Ember Mug  ($129.95)

It’s no secret that a new baby can sometimes equal sleepless nights. Give mama the chance to recharge and drink her coffee while it’s actually hot (a gift in and of itself!) with this smart mug. It’s one of the perfect gifts for expecting mothers that can maintain their warm drink’s perfect temperature for up to 80 minutes. 


bump box as one of the practical gifts for expecting mothers
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1st, 2nd, and 3rd Trimester Bump Boxes  ($150)

These Bump Boxes are great gifts for expecting mothers that will fulfill mamas every wish! Every box is curated for each trimester and what she needs in that stage of her pregnancy. This is a great way to give mama an unboxing to look forward to for months to come!


miko foot massager gift ideas for expectant mothers
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Yoisho Shiatsu Foot Massager ($119.99)

Help her truly unwind with this at-home foot massager. With settings for heat, pressure, and kneading, this massager can do it all. It’s one of the gifts for expecting mothers (and partners) that will have her (and her feet!) singing your praises.


Healthy snacking

gift cards for healthy meal choices are great gifts for expecting mothers
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Sakara Gift Card ($50-$300)

Sakara is a brand that aims to offer tools for individuals to come into their happiest, most nourished selves, founded on nine principles of nutrition including no calorie-counting and body intelligence. Mama-to-be can use the gift card for items such as prenatal vitamins, granolas, bars, or for their plant-powered meal delivery program, Sakara Life.


Baby gifts for expecting mothers

baby monitor as one of the practical gifts for expecting mothers
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Owlet Smart Sock and Camera  ($399)

Give mama peace of mind with this smart sock designed to monitor baby’s heart rate, oxygen level, and sleep trends. The HD camera is complete with sound and motion notifications and can be streamed virtually anywhere. The duo lets mama know if any readings leave the “safe zone” and will make sure she can unwind knowing her baby is safe.

“Baby monitors are gold! They are a bit pricey so that’s a super helpful gift.” – Megan D., new mother


practical gifts for expecting mothers are diapers and diaper bags
Image by Dagne Dover

Large Dagne Dover Indi Diaper Backpack  ($195 )

She shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for function and with this sleep neoprene backpack, she won’t have to! Don’t let its sleek construction fool you, this bag has a mini changing mat, a slot just for easy access to wipes, and a laptop carrier! Truly one of the practical gifts for expecting mothers!


Giving back

With the right support system and resources, pregnancy and motherhood are magical — but without, it can be scary, and even dangerous to the mother’s health. Every Mother Counts is an organization that is working to lower maternal mortality rates around the world. You can designate any excess funds gathered on your mom-to-be’s group gift to this charity to give back while celebrating the big occasion.


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