9 Must-have Gifts for Anyone Who Works From Home

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Whether you’re just entering the working world or you’ve been working from home for years, you always need something to spice up your at-home office. Celebrate a recent graduate or a seasoned at-home worker with these great group gifts that help productivity and keep you on your a-game.


Bose Noise-Canceling Headphones ($379)

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With multiple people sharing the same working or living environment, it can often be hard to concentrate on work. Bose’s Smart Noise Cancelling 700’s will put them in a world of their own to truly get into the zone. With 20 hours of battery life and an award-winning built-in microphone, it’s also perfect for conference calls.


The Sill Large ZZ Plant  ($163)

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Help them create a zen space for them to crush their work goals with this beautiful, potted ZZ plant. Only requiring water every 2-3 weeks and indirect light, this plant is perfect for beginners.  New plant owners might be surprised by the price tag, but considering all the wonderful gifts a plant can bring to a home, including cleaner air and a sense of vibrancy, ZZ plants are well worth the investment.


Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk  ($499)

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Studies have shown that standing more often is actually immensely beneficial to the body, and we as humans don’t do it often enough. A Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk will help them get their blood flowing, helping to increase both concentration and creativity.


Ergochair 2 ($349)

Image by Automous

Long hours behind the desk can be murder on the back without proper support, and a high-quality chair is one of the most worthwhile investments one can make. Autonomous.ai’s ErgoChair 2 is one of the best on the market, intrinsically designed to provide ideal long-term ergonomic support.


HelloFresh Subscription Gift Card ($65-$130)

hello fresh gift ideas
Image by Hello Fresh

For new grads who haven’t gotten the hang of cooking on their own or workers who are just too busy to go shopping every week, HelloFresh can be a real lifesaver. By shipping the ingredients right to their door and providing the recipes to go along with them, HelloFresh lets them focus on the fun part of cooking and saves the hassle of preparation.


Peloton ($1,895)

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When working from home, it can be tough to find the time to get a good workout, especially for a beginner. Luckily, a Peloton subscription will give any recent grad the tools and the knowledge to change that. Group and 1-on-1 lessons with trained professionals can help them make their quarantine fitness goals a reality. This gift is not one that can be purchased alone, which makes it the perfect option for a group gift!


Google Nest Hub  ($229)

Image by Google

Meant to act as a centerpiece for a technologically connected home, a Google Nest Hub can allow them to access work, entertainment, or video calling from anywhere in their house. Keep it in the kitchen to stay in the conference call while preparing dinner, or they can prop one up in the home gym to watch movies while working out.


Nespresso Evoluo Machine  ($199)

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Tailor-made to suit the interests of real coffee lovers, the Nespresso Evoluo allows them to enjoy fresh, high-quality coffee in 5 different settings at the push of a button. For busy workers who miss their morning trips to the local coffee shop, Nespresso is the perfect blend of convenience and quality.


Moon pod ($299)

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Of course, nobody wants to spend all day in their office chair. At the end of the day, when they just want to curl up with a book or catch up on their favorite shows, a Moon Pod bean bag chair will help them feel like they’re floating, allowing the anxieties of the day to flow away.


Set up your group gift

While the circumstances of office work may have changed, starting a new job or beginning a new year of your career is still a momentous occasion that must be celebrated! Consider getting friends or family together to set up a group gift for one of the gifts above to show the at-home worker in your life how much you care. Let’s keep group gifting better, together. 

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