Best Gifts for Admins: A Chance to Say Thank You!

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The admins in our offices really keep the whole company moving and supported. In honor of National Administrative Professionals Day, Presently surveyed over 120 admins to find the best group gift ideas for administrators, assistants and secretaries. Whatever you end up choosing, admins unanimously agreed that genuine, heartfelt words of appreciation and gratitude mean the world to them – so don’t forget the card!

By setting up a group gift or card, you will be able to get the whole office in on a surprise gift to celebrate the efforts of the admin team and make them feel appreciated. Here is our list of the best gift ideas to show your gratitude!


Supporting some time to unwind

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Nothing shows that you recognize all the hard work your executive assistants put in like giving them some time to unwind! Many of the admins we spoke to said they’d love some extra time to do something exciting outside of work.

Consider a gift that enables them to spend more time with their loved ones, or on their passions! Depending on their interest, you could get the team together to group gift them an Airbnb experience or getaway, a night out at their favorite local restaurant, or tickets to their favorite museum, show, or sports team.

For the fitness lover, the gift sure to win you all ‘team-of-the-year’ could be sponsoring a year-long Equinox gym membership ($2,200/yr) or a Peloton bike ($1,895)!

“My bosses sent me and my husband on a paid three-day beach weekend getaway. A luxury hotel and a paid Friday off was without a doubt the best gift ever. Something I’d never do for myself so it was truly the most thoughtful gift ever.” – Business Administrator


For a step-up from the office coffee maker

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When your admin has a crazy day ahead (which is pretty often!), a hot cup of coffee is often the best way to stay energized and motivated. We tried and love Bean Box’s Coffee Tasting Subscription ($99/6 mo; $198/12 mo) for a yummy new cup of coffee every month. You can also add in the Biscotti Tasting Box, Chocolates, or Tea for a perfect pair to get through those crazy Monday mornings!

To keep that cup of joe hot for hours, you could gift your support staff an Ember Mug ($130), which also has built-in app integration – perfect for the tech-savy admin who is always on the go!


Invest in their career growth

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We all know that admins are the go-getters of the office. Support their professional growth and development by helping them identify their strengths, achieve their goals, and reach their full potential. One way to do that is by sponsoring coaching sessions on BetterUp, a platform that matches professionals with coaches that can help them level up in their careers. You could also gift them a conference pass of their choice or a certification course.

“Beyond material gifts, I think any EA wants to be seen, valued, and elevated. The perfect gift, in my opinion, is a conversation over lunch, an expression of gratitude, and a real offer of mentorship – with a plan to help the EA reach the heights of their potential… the opportunity to rise to their potential, to create a culture they’re proud of, and to help others do the same will be something they’ll cherish forever.” -Jeffrey, Executive Assistant


For a day to relax

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Your admin deserves some much-needed relaxation time! Organize a group gift with one of Presently’s top self-care gift ideas to get them ready to de-stress. Another great option is a Spa Finder Gift Card. The world’s best-selling spa gift card gives you access to over 25,000 spas worldwide! Plus, if they can’t find the right spa for them, the card can be used on the site to purchase all the skincare products imaginable.

Or, go a step further with a paid day off! When we asked support staff what gift would make the most impact for them, the top answer was a day off. This gesture, not small by any means, is sure to make your admin will feel appreciated and recognized for all their hard work.


No matter the gift, always include a card!

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For the admin whose love language is surely Words of Affirmation, a personal card from the entire office is sure to move them to tears! Admins unanimously agreed that words go the farthest and mean a lot to them. If you organize a group gift, the cherry on top is that messages are collected for the card as well! Otherwise, set up a group card to gather appreciation for the admin at your office by inviting all your coworkers to leave a note of gratitude.

“A personal note, telling them how much you appreciate them and why. Above all, how they add value to you and your role.” – Danielle Jenkins, NASA ARC Executive Assistant, Associate Center Director

“Yes, yes, yes! This is the single most important thing our CEOs can tell us, it’s so easy to do and costs absolutely nothing.” – Executive Assistant to CEO

Using Presently

If you’re still not sure of the perfect gift, admins let us know that an Amazon, DoorDash, Starbucks gift card always goes a long way. Whether you are setting up a group gift or group card, the executive assistants, secretaries, and admins on your team will be sure to appreciate the effort and thoughtfulness of your taking the time to make them feel special on their holiday. Here’s a quick video on how you can start your group gifting journey.


Here’s a recap of great gift ideas for admins:

  • Supporting some time to unwind (An Airbnb experience or getaway, a night out at a local restaurant, tickets to their favorite museum, show, or sports team, Equinox gym membership, Peloton bike)
  • For a step-up from the office coffee maker (Bean Box’s coffee tasting subscription, Ember mug)
  • Invest in their career growth (Coaching sessions on BetterUp, conference pass, certification course)
  • For a day to relax (Self-care gift ideas, Spa Finder gift card, paid day off)
  • No matter the gift, always include a card! (Personal card from the entire office, Amazon, DoorDash, Starbucks gift card)

Happy National Administrative Professionals Day from the Presently team!

If you’re an admin reading this, we have a gift for you! 
We’re partnering with Bean Box to gift you a three-month supply of coffee!
Update: This giveaway has ended, but follow us at @getpresently on Instagram to find out when our next giveaway goes live!


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