Best Gifts for Yoga Lovers on All Levels

best gifts for yoga lovers on all levels
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Yoga is a great way to relax, get healthy, and connect with your body. If you’re looking for the best gifts for yoga lovers, we’ve got just the list!

The key to finding the perfect gift for a yoga lover is to find something that you know they’ll use. For yoga items that are on the pricier side, we recommend setting up a group gift on Presently to split the gift with family, friends, or coworkers. After all, less is more: we’re huge fans of one big impactful gift!


Yoga Essentials for the Beginner

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Yoga mat

When it comes to yoga, a yoga mat is an essential part of the practice. Mats come in a variety of sizes, colors, and thicknesses – the latter being important for different types of yoga or lifestyles.

To get the right yoga mat according to your giftee’s preferences, check out this yoga mat quiz, or get the expert’s recommendations, such as NYTimes’ best pick Lululemon’s The Reversible Mat, or Yoga with Adriene’s Manduka Prolite yoga mat. If your giftee would like to try a cork lightweight yoga mat, they can choose this 42 birds bundle or Yoloha’s Aura cork yoga mat + plant foam. These yoga mats have the best grip that can withstand all the movements the yogi will do.

Yoga accessory kit: towel, blocks, straps, and foam rollers!

Whether the yogi in your life is a yoga beginner, an intermediate, or a pro, there are yoga accessory kits that suit them. Yes, even for kids! We recommend yoga bundles like the ones from Pottery Barn, Alo, or Bala, but we had some ideas below for more a-la-carte gift purchases, too!

For giftees into hot yoga or power yoga, yoga towels are a must to keep their mat clean and avoid slipping. Some yogis even use this as an alternative to the actual yoga mat when on vacation, as it’s easier to pack. We recommend a 100% microfiber yoga towel such as Shandali GoSweat non-slip hot yoga towel, or something with a lifetime money-back guarantee, such as the Yoga Jaci yoga towel combo set. Truly a practical gift for yoga lovers!

Straps are also great for beginners, anyone who’s not super flexible, or yogis that want that extra bit of push. Everyday Yoga, and Tumaz Sport all sell fantastic straps at reasonable prices.

Finally, foam rollers can be useful for yoga and other fitness activities alike. By stretching out tight muscles, a foam roller can help improve flexibility and hasten muscle recovery after an intense flow. These foam rollers are widely available at Dick’s Sporting Goods, Rogue Fitness, and Rei Co-op.


Yogic Lifestyle Needs / Wants

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Meditation cushion

Meditation is an essential component of yogic practice. According to ancient yoga, meditation is said to be the most direct way to connect to the supreme or essential “Self” by developing deeper consciousness.

Meditation cushions like these from Jade Yoga and Mindful and Modern help practitioners sit comfortably and in the right posture, making it easier to keep their back straight and spine aligned. And of course, making it easier to sit still for longer means you can meditate longer too!

Water bottle with fruit infuser

Elevate the yogi’s hydration game with a fruit infuser so they can absorb all the necessary nutrients they need while bringing a bit more of the spa experience to the studio. recommends using water infuser bottles from brands like Hydracy and Zulay Kitchen.

Essential oil diffuser

Essential oils can be applied to the skin at the beginning or end of a yoga session, as well as used during a massage or warm bath. An essential oil diffuser can also be a great gift for yoga lovers on all levels as it can help create a distinct environment for practicing yoga, engaging in meditation, or simply unwinding. Each essential oil – such as lavender, peppermint, or frankincense – has different health benefits, too. You can gift this starter kit or organize a group gift to buy an ultimate diffuser with an essential oils bundle.

Wireless headphones

We’re huge fans of this gift for yogis with roommates. Whether to play their preferred music while in flow or keeping their instructor in their ear, our top picks remain in place throughout their exercise so they don’t need to worry about missing a beat. JBL Reflect Aero TWS, Beats Fit Pro, and the reasonably priced JLab Go Air Sport are our favorites and were also recommended by the NYTimes.


But that’s not all… check out our Group Gifts for Every Kind of Fitness Lover.

Here’s a quick video on how you can start your group gifting journey!


Giving Back

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Aside from the physical and mental health benefits they can get from yoga, the yogi in your life may appreciate being part of a greater cause through yoga organizations that give back to the community. When signing up for your group gift, you can opt-in for excess funds to go toward a nonprofit organization.

The Give Back Yoga Foundation offers yoga supplies, instruction, and sponsorships to various underserved communities, and Bent on Learning offers the same services to students in New York’s public schools.

Yoga groups like Purple Dot Yoga Project and Atlanta-based The Dharma Project have also been crucial in using yoga to reduce extreme stress and trauma in different communities.

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