Group Cards 101: Making Celebrations Personal Again

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From elementary school yearbooks to giant poster boards filled with messages from your wedding, words play into our most sentimental and celebratory moments. These messages stay with us forever and act as points of reflection and gratitude for the thing that we all truly value the most in this world: connection. In a time when we are more physically distant than ever, we realized the importance of being able to connect with the people we love regardless of proximity. This is why we launched group cards with Presently. 

Group cards bring people together in a way that creates an unforgettable sense of community and love. No matter the occasion, you can now have your group of friends or coworkers send wishes to each other virtually with just a few steps! Plus, if you want to take it a step further, you can set up a group gift with the card for an unforgettable celebration. 


Why set up a group card?

We all know what it feels like to want to celebrate with someone who’s too far away. Group cards make it easy and fun to celebrate a special occasion from anywhere.

A group card is a single card that a circle of friends, family, or coworkers can all pitch in on. Group cards seamlessly tie together two love languages: acts of service and words of affirmation. By using Presently, you are using the power of community to show someone you care about 2x the love by bringing together all their favorite people. 


Here’s how it works:

First, as an organizer, set up your group card on Presently! Choose the recipient and the date that they will receive the card, and then let us take away the stress of having to gather all the messages!

Now that the card is ready to go, invite your circle to contribute! You’ll have a shareable link to spread across your entire network that contributors can use to seamlessly drop a message for the group card. Contributors can also choose to add their favorite picture with the recipient to make their message even more personalized. 

Finally, we deliver the personalized group card with a special note from everyone who participated. The recipient can look back on it at any time!


So now that you know how it works, you’re probably wondering, What can I use it for?

The possibilities for group cards are endless! Here are some of the most common ways group cards can bring joy to celebrations: 


Whether it’s your family sending you sappy memories from your childhood, or some friends swapping their favorite qualities about you, b-day messages are meaningful every year that you celebrate, regardless of age!

💼Co-worker appreciation

Gather an office for an unforgettable retirement gift or to celebrate a manager who deserves extra appreciation. 

👶Baby showers and bridal parties

For the new beginnings in your life, set up a group card to celebrate the event with a virtual guest book! 


Something that gets brought up at EVERY holiday dinner table convo: the best family memories! Share the funny reflections with the family members that can’t physically be at the table with a group card. 

💌Valentine’s Day Bonus

We launched two new group card features for this V-day! Here’s how you can share your love with your boo or your besties: 

  • Secret Cupid: Send a love note to a special someone or a friend who you appreciate. Want to make it anonymous? Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with us!
  • Galentine’s Group Card: Celebrate your girl gang by setting up a group card for your besties! Share favorite traits and memories of each of your galentines, making everyone feel extra special.


Can I add a gift?

Of course! Kick up your celebration by simply setting up a group gift and you will automatically be prompted to create a group card for the special event. 

Ready to get started? 

No matter what you are celebrating, the love that is felt from a group message is a priceless gift in and of itself. Celebrate better, together and set up a group card for someone you love! 


Presently is a group-gifting platform that gives people an easy way to contribute to a single gift, together. Presently enables communities to gift better, choosing quality over quantity. Organize a group gift here.

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