Group Gifts for Every Kind of Fitness Lover

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It’s safe to say that the events of 2020 have emphasized the importance of wellness and a healthy lifestyle. It seems like overnight fitness subscriptions and home gyms have become commonplace. Know a fitness lover who seems to have it all? Here are some gift ideas for every kind of fitness lover to help them on their active journey and get them something they probably wouldn’t have gotten themselves!


For the runner…

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The Garmin Forerunner® 45 ($199) is designed for runners. From a built-in GPS that tracks pace, distance, and intervals to a crazy-accurate heart rate monitor and smart notifications this watch is more than wrist candy. The runner in your life will thank you for upgrading their runs with this watch––it even has built-in incident detection and safety features so they can hit the trails with confidence.


For the barre and pilates lover…

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As the title suggests, the Bala The All In Kit ($195)  is perfect for the “all in” barre and pilates lover. The kit contains Bala’s most popular props: a power ring, ankle weights, sliders, and more! It comes in four gorgeous colors, too!


For the yogi…

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You can’t go wrong by gifting the yogi in your life the Ultimate Home Set by Alo ($350). Not only does it contain Alo’s antimicrobial and moisture-wicking accessories, but it also contains a year-long subscription to Alo Moves: a virtual library of thousands of lessons in yoga, meditation, and fitness led by world-class athletes and teachers. Truly, this gift checks all the boxes!


For the swimmer…

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The Form Smart Swim Goggles ($199) are much more than meets the eye. They track metrics such as split times, distance, and more as the user swims and project them into the swimmer’s field of view. They connect to an app where swimmers can check out their stats and modify their training accordingly. Cool, right!?


For the cyclist…

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Know a biker who loves to hit the trails? The Wahoo Elemnt Roam GPS Bike Computer ($379.99) is the perfect gift! Its navigation system is built with “Back on track” re-routing to keep them on track no matter the course and includes a color screen. The device’s 17-hour battery life and simple integration capabilities will help the cyclist in your life hit the trails with confidence and ease.


For the weightlifter…

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The Theragun Elite ($399) is an ultra-quiet tool perfect for melting away the tension and massaging away soreness that is inevitable after hours of heavy lifting in the gym (or at home). The Elite is designed to reach 60% deeper into muscle tissue than typical massagers and does so with an ergonomic and sleek design. Help the weightlifter in your life recover safely, effectively, and in style with this tool.


For the dancer…

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Whether they’re jamming out in the gym or at home, give them the gift of high-quality sound with the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2  ($249.95) earbuds. With unrivaled studio sound, active noise cancellation, and unbeatable battery life, you’ll have them dancing to the beat of their own…Sennheisers.


For the one who does it all…

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From tai chi to yoga to boxing––and about forty-seven other genres of fitness–– The Mirror ($1,495) does it all. It hangs on any wall in their home and functions as a nearly invisible gym, complete with trainers to provide live feedback and motivation. Help them reach their fitness goals with this truly all-in-one fitness powerhouse. Given the price point, this gift is not one that can be purchased alone (and is one the recipient likely won’t be able to buy themselves!), which makes it the perfect option for a group gift.


Giving Back 

Health and wellness are an integral part of living a happy life, and we hope these help you find the perfect gift for every kind of fitness lover! However, it’s important to recognize that having the resources and knowledge to take on a fitness routine is a privilege. Project Fit America is a grassroots agency that aims to help kids get and stay active by providing funding, equipment, teacher training, and other resources to schools across the nation. If your group gift raises more money than the cost of the gift, you can honor the fitness lover in your life by donating any extra funds to Project Fit America. The donation will not only provide these resources to children, but also change their attitudes and help them love movement and fitness for years to come.


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