4 Best Group Gifts for Kids This Fall

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There is nothing quite as magical as the look on a child’s face when they open an exciting gift. With fall birthdays and other special occasions around the corner, we want to help make that magical moment even more memorable through these group gifts for kids!

Check out this list of group gifts for kids that they will love. Find a gift for any child, whether 6 months or 18 years old, that also supports curiosity, creativity, self-esteem, imagination, and more. With Presently’s group-gifting platform, it is easy and fun to pick out something special and get family and friends to pitch in, even if you cannot celebrate together in person.

Choose quality over quantity this year with our gift recommendations for September, and set up a group gift when you’re ready!


6 months – 4 years old: Little Climber

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As the weather gets cooler and playgrounds empty out for the winter season, parents will love this Little Climber, a versatile and safe gift for their homes. One of the perfect group gifts for kids! The toy’s design was developed by Dr. Emmi Pikler, a Hungarian pediatrician. It allows little ones to explore movement as well as develop motor skills, and it will last since it can be used in a variety of ways as children grow. At six months, a child can use the rungs to pull to standing, and 4-year-olds will have the strength to use the rock wall or ladder to climb to the topmost point.

The Little Climber supports child development by teaching children to learn their own boundaries, explore their bodies, and develop muscular control. Not to mention it fosters a sense of imagination in infants and toddlers alike.


3 – 6 years old: Woodland Stores and Theater Play Set

Tender Leaf Toys Woodland Stores and Theater Pretend Play Set are great group gifts for kids this Fall
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Still wondering whether your child will grow up to be a Fortune 500 CEO, a Broadway star, or the world’s best teacher? Let them try all three with Tender Leaf Toy’s two-in-one play set. It was made with education and safety in mind and features Woodland Stores on one side and Woodland Theater on the other. Children get to try real-life situations such as making sales, putting on performances, and leading a classroom in a fun and imaginative way. The playset also encourages them to interact with others and play together, building their language, emotional, and friendship-building skills.

Pretend play is incredibly beneficial for children, as it allows them to problem solve and develop communication skills. This makes the Woodland Stores and Theater a great gift for children ages 3 to 6 that is guaranteed to make both parents and children happy.

Pretend play is incredibly beneficial for children, as it allows them to problem solve and develop communication skills. Share on X

8-13 years old: Arts and Crafts Station 

art-related group gifts for kids like Amazon Studio Designs Pro Craft Station
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Ages 8 to 13 can investigate their creative side with this arts and crafts station from Amazon. Your doodlers, painters, crafters, and sculptors will love the organizational drawers to keep their supplies in one place almost as much as parents once everything is put away. Also, the table has wheels which makes it easy to move when you have guests or need extra space in between projects.

After a long day of school, this is the perfect way to encourage children to unwind and create something new. Through art group gifts for kids, they will have the opportunity to interact with the world around them and learn about themselves. In addition, there is so much value in experimentation for a child’s development. It helps children think freely as well as express feelings and emotions in a fun and tangible way.


13 – 18 years old: Beginner Guitar Set

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Fall is the perfect time for teens to learn a new skill. As summer fades away, they will be looking for something to keep them occupied indoors. Help them learn a new instrument with this beginner guitar set to encourage them to take a break from their screens. You can even add online lessons to your purchase right from the site, so your child has every chance to succeed.  Learning a musical instrument teaches children patience, responsibility, math skills, and reading comprehension. On top of that, it also builds self-esteem and increases brain development. Once you get them started, your child will be ready to gather friends and family for a show in no time!


Make your gift go even further

Group gifts for kids with Presently not only ensures that your child gets a gift they will cherish but also teaches them to save, not spend. Any excess contributions raised can either go toward their college fund or a charity of their choice. Support a cause they care about by protecting animals through the World Wildlife Fund or oceans through Oceana. You can also show your child how important it is to help others feel celebrated by donating to The Confetti Foundation, which hosts birthday parties for children who spend their birthdays in the hospital.

Now that you have the perfect gift in mind, you are ready to organize a group gift with Presently!


Presently is a group-gifting platform that gives people an easy way to contribute to a single gift, together. Designed for kids and adults alike, Presently enables communities to gift better, choosing quality over quantity.

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