4 Group Gifts Kids Will Love This Holiday Season

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Finding a cool, creative, and unique gift for young ones can be a difficult task. Aside from traveling this year for the holidays, we are tasked with finding the best holiday gifts for kids that will boost creativity and keep them occupied and interested!

Setting up a group gift with Presently this holiday season will not only bring joy to the recipient through all the love expressed in a group card but connect entire families and social circles through the common goal of bringing joy to a loved one.

Check out these four best holiday gifts for kids ranging from infants to young teens (plus a bonus way to give back!), sure to inspire their creativity, imagination, and curiosity.


6 months – 4 years old: Lovevery The Play Kits Subscription

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This Montessori-approved subscription-based gift features science-backed play products and guidance that help boost a baby’s cognitive development. Over the span of six months, your baby will receive three gift boxes with two whole months of play included in each! Although Presently typically doesn’t recommend multiple gifts, Lovevery’s sustainability and developmental focus make it an exception. The cognitive benefits and the product’s ability to grow with your child make it a great option to boost creativity and curiosity within your child as they continue to age.

These fun play kits are the best holiday gifts for kids, made for a specific age range, specifically targeting the stage of development your baby is in. Each box is curated with thoughtfully crafted products, made from sustainably-sourced and organic products, all certifiably baby safe!


4 – 8 years old: Tubelox Deluxe Set

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This set legitimately has endless possibilities. The Tubelox Deluxe Set (220 pieces!) is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) innovation sure to enhance creativity and imaginative play. This toy encourages your child to be the next critical thinker, inventor, designer, engineer, or architect — regardless of age.

The set is engineered to be restructured into anything from a table to a ballet bar, to a working race car. The sheer opportunity for an invention that the set brings activates your child’s ability to nurture their imagination, making it one of our best gift ideas for kids. All that it needs is the creative and curious young brain to bring its endless possibilities to life!


8-13 years old: Pottery Wheel for Beginners 

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Pottery is an amazing way to boost your child’s skill set. Putting your little one in front of a pottery wheel is proven to give your child a positive sensory experience, a creative outlet, and a sense of skill and accomplishment. It additionally boosts and promotes individuality and self-identification, resulting in an increase in self-esteem and confidence.

This pottery set includes all the tools needed to create and decorate a beautiful piece of artwork at home. With a block of clay and a tray of paint, the creative possibilities are endless!


13 – 18 years old: FujiFilm Instax Camera Set

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Over the past couple of years, quarantine photoshoots have become all the rage. Kids (and adults) alike have been coming up with creative photoshoot ideas from using a sheet as a backdrop to taking angelic photos using a mirror in the backyard while being at home and has been continued even up to this time.

Continue to fuel your child’s photographic creativity with this Fuji Film set. The set includes all you could possibly need from the camera film to scrapbooking accessories. With eight different color schemes to choose from, you are sure to make a child of any age happy with this creative photography set.


Give back this holiday season 

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When celebrating the holidays, teach your child the importance of giving back by making any extra funds towards your child’s group gift go toward a charitable organization. In addition to our best holiday gifts for kids, support a charity like the Christmas Spirit Foundation, which provides free farm-grown trees to members of all branches of the U.S. armed forces and their families. Or, check out Operation Blessing offering ongoing domestic and non-domestic disaster relief through core programs like health and medical care, hunger aid, and clean water initiatives. You can also brighten the day for a child with a critical illness through a donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

To celebrate the ones you love and make a difference in the lives of those who need it most, set up a group gift with Presently this holiday season!


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