A Guide on How to Celebrate a Breakup

Traveling solo to celebrate a breakup
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When we hear that a friend is going through a breakup, our immediate reaction is to give them a box of tissues and a pint of ice cream. While breakups can be hard, they don’t always have to be sad occasions. Leaving a relationship is a perfect opportunity for personal growth and reconnecting with yourself! Whether you’ve called off a romance that’s fizzled out or are newly single for the first time in a while, we’re here to give you 7 tips on how to celebrate a breakup!


Celebrate with your squad

Breakup getaway at Acre Baja
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Romances may fade, but friendships last forever. Surround yourself with the people you love that will support you through anything. This is the perfect time to plan that weekend girls’ or guys’ trip you’ve all been thinking about for months. Book your group a luxury, outdoor oasis in Ojai, CA at Caravan Outpost, or unplug at a beachside escape at Acre in Cabo San Lucas!

In the season finale of ‘The Bold Type’, Sutton throws a party in honor of her husband filing for divorce to celebrate the new memories she’ll make with the people she loves. Take a page out of Sutton’s book by throwing a breakup party! Make a guest list consisting of the people you love, cater or cook some of your favorite foods, turn on some happy tunes, and have a great time celebrating you!


Self-growth + exploration

Friends at a painting class to celebrate a breakup
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Moving away from something that wasn’t working is the perfect opportunity for self-growth. Being newly single frees up space for you to put yourself first for a change and grow as a person. This is a great time to create a personal brand for yourself and acknowledge how interesting of a person you are! Websites like WordPress or Squarespace make it super easy to start a personal website or blog. Start writing down your thoughts in a daily journal to promote positive self-talk and reflection. Some of our favorite journals to write in are The Anti-Anxiety Notebook, Leuchtturm1917, and Five-Minute Journal.

Another reason to celebrate a breakup is that you finally get some valuable alone time! Take a solo trip to rediscover things you used to enjoy; check out some of the best places to travel alone here. Not only can you rediscover old things about yourself, but also explore some new ones! Use this as an opportunity to develop a new skill like picking up an instrument, learning how to cook, tapping into your artistic side with a painting class, or spinning around in aerial yoga at the Om Factory.


A post-relationship glow up

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Many of us transform internally after coming out of a relationship, so why not show it on the outside too? Mirror how good you feel on the inside by freshening up your look with a new hairstyle, or treat yourself to a natural facial treatment at Brooklyn Herborium in New York City or try the Hanacure All-In-One Facial Set for a DIY treatment you can enjoy at home.

Start a new exercise routine to stay motivated on being the best version of yourself! If you want to try something a bit outside your usual gym routine, sign up for ClassPass to try out different types of fitness classes like a strenuous yoga session or a spin class at your nearest Cyclebar location. If you like to work out at home, try out Mirror to give you the ultimate home gym experience.


Love yourself

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Breakups are a great time to look inward and focus on your wants and needs. Use this time as an opportunity to learn how to love yourself and do some self-exploration. Cherish the freedom of doing whatever you want, with whomever you want, and whenever you want. So next time you find yourself newly single, get out there and celebrate your breakup!


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