How to Celebrate Pride as an Ally

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June 1st marked the beginning of Pride Month – a time dedicated to the recognition and celebration of LBGTQ+ voices, stories, and history. This celebration originated in June of 1970 as a commemoration of the Stonewall Riots. Pride has been celebrated across the United States as a joyous tribute to LGBTQ+ trailblazers and activists. Lively parades and parties with participants decked out in their brightest rainbow attire are Pride staples, but there are more ways you can celebrate as an ally this year!

More Ways to Celebrate Pride: Stay Educated

Being an active ally starts with education. Knowing the historical roots of LBGTQ+ oppression is as important as staying up to date on current human rights issues. Read literature such as “The Gay Revolution: The Story of the Struggle” by Lillian Faderman, “Love Wins: The Lovers and Lawyers Who Fought the Landmark Case for Marriage Equality” by Debbie Cenziper and Jim Obergefell, and “Transgender History: The Roots of Today’s Revolution” by Susan Stryker to get your learning journey started. Listen to podcasts like LGBTQ&A hosted by Jeffrey Masters and Making Gay History hosted by Eric Marcus. These podcasts will give you a glimpse into the modern gay experience and chronicle the long history of resistance and fight for equality.

Support LGBTQ+ Changemakers and Creators

While the presence of LGBTQ+  figures in modern media is increasing, the lack of representation in film and television is astounding. This makes the role of LGBTQ+ creators on other platforms that much more influential. Follow social media activists like Ericka Hart and Maya / Sebastian Noir and influencers raising awareness for the LGBTQ+ experience like Gabi & Shanna.

Pride month is also the perfect time to diversify the music you love and the artists you support. Listen to Spotify’s Pride playlist, curated with the best tunes to celebrate and highlight talented LGBTQ+ creators you know like Hayley Kioko, Lil Nas X, Mitski, and more. Stream up and coming LGBTQ+ musicians too like Merlot, Zolita, and Leland.

Extend your support past just streaming and following LGBTQ+ creators and add some LGBTQ-owned businesses to your online shopping repertoire. You can take a look at Presently’s Most Giftable of 2021 which spotlights over 200 LGBTQ-owned, female-owned, sustainable/ethically sourced, BIPOC-owned, and Black-owned businesses that have been handpicked and approved by our team.

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Attend a Rally

A super easy and fun way to show your allyship during Pride month is to attend a virtual or in-person rally. Gather with family, friends, and strangers to cheer for love, acceptance, and legal action in support of the LBGTQ+ community. Wear your Pride gear (the brighter the better) and make a sign to amplify your voice. If you’re looking for inspiration, see Bustle’s Best Pride Signs. Not vaccinated yet? No problem, many cities are holding virtual pride events and rallies this year. If you’re not near a city, partner with members of your community to host your own rally open to vaccinated supporters in your area.

Include Activism in your Daily Life

More than the rallies, following, and streaming, being an active ally extends into your everyday life. Talk to friends, family, and loved ones about your views in support of the LGBTQ+ community. Facilitate conversations with those close to you about the research and work done by LGBTQ+ activists. Share your own beliefs, but be sure to not center the conversation around yourself. Being an ally means using your privilege to amplify the voices of marginalized groups, not replacing them. Read The Trevor Project’s tips for facilitating conversations regarding race and LGBTQ+ identity that can be applied to discussions on a variety of topics.

Another impactful way to include activism in your daily life is to stay updated on current laws affecting the LGBTQ+ community and vote to advance their legal human rights. Your vote is an extension of your voice. See the ACLU’s active list of legislations to get started.

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Treat Every Month like Pride Month

While we hope these tips teach you how to celebrate Pride Month this year, make sure your activism and support towards the LGBTQ+ community extends past June. Continue to educate yourself on current issues and their historical roots. Support LGBTQ+ creators and changemakers paving the way for younger generations. Keep having conversations with family and friends about the need for equality. Donate to organizations that support the LGBTQ+ community like OutRight Action International and The Trevor Project, and use Presently’s group gifting platform to make collecting the funds simple.


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