Our Top Holiday Gifts Under $100 for Everyone on Your List

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Here at Presently, we’re known for our group celebrations: making it easier for people to get together and gather funds for any gift! But, sometimes, solo holiday gifts are necessary, and we’ve got you covered there too!

Here are our favorite picks for holiday gift ideas under $100, organized by the recipient’s interests so you’re bound to find something for everyone! And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, check out GiftPicker, our easy five-question quiz to give you personalized gift recommendations for everyone on your list and help you find holiday gifts on a budget.


Guilty Pleasures

keto treats as holiday gift ideas under $100
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No matter what the occasion is, food is always among those acceptable holiday gift ideas under $100 to give to the whole family. (Pro tip: Make sure to choose food items that match the giftee’s preference.)

  • Nostalgic Chocolate Bars by Sugarplum ($25)
    You can never go wrong with a box of chocolates, and these sweet treats are especially great for a novelty chocolate experience! Choose these Sugarplum nostalgic chocolates to bring back your fondest childhood memories. Each pack includes five bars in flavors of Apple Pie, Fruity Flake, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Milk & Cookies, and Pancakes & Syrup.
  • Fun and Fruity Bundle by Wonder Monday ($74)
    Know someone who wants to indulge but in a healthy way? These products are guilt-free alternative holiday gifts. Let your giftee enjoy the holidays by indulging in these zero grains, gluten-free 28 pieces of 1g Keto Cheesecakes by Wonder Monday.
  • Premium Keto Snack Box by KETO4ALL (C$64.99)
    They say keto is not just about food. It is a lifestyle. What better way to support someone in their lifestyle change than by giving them this Premium Keto Snack Box by KETO4ALL. It includes snacks, recipes, fitness guides, and more.
  • New Mom Snack Box by HealthyMe Living ($29.99)
    Why go to the grocery store when you can conveniently order these snack boxes from HealthyMe Living. Each box consists of healthy and delicious snacks curated to the recipient’s needs. It’s one of the perfect holiday gift ideas under $100 for new moms, though they have snack boxes for kids, college students, and anyone who wants to eat healthy snacks for weekend TV binge-watch.


Fun & Adventure

That's Dope card game for holiday gifts under $100
Photo by That’s Dope

Whether gathering around the fireplace or going on an outdoor adventure, here are our picks for your adventure-loving family member or friend!

  • That’s Dope: Core Pack ($29)
    You can play this fun and exciting game with strangers or your best buds. Bring this one to any party, and everybody will get to know everyone unconventionally. That’s Dope: Core Pack comes with 288 topic cards, voting cards, and an official rule book—a great game to play with 2 to 6 players.
  • The Final Word Game ($29)
    Let the whole family spend some time away from the screens and enjoy this fun family game! This 120-card deck is a gem for word game fanatics since it can be played in five different games and by up to 6 players. The kids and adults will have a good time improving their skills in word, strategy, and abstract thinking.
  • Outdoor shorts by Burro Outdoor Gear ($45)
    For anyone who loves to go on an adventure, these Burros outdoor shorts will be an instant favorite since they come in eye-catching Burro Pink and Turquoise colors that can easily match most tops. It also has secured pockets and the right length to let you comfortably move around.

[BONUS] Group giftable: Bamboo Cruiser Longboard by Magneto ($129.99)
This Bamboo Cruiser Longboard is perfect for beginners from any age group. It is durable and sturdy. It also gives you easy and smooth rides. You can use it for strolls to the local park or practicing your freestyle moves.


Caffeine All Day

brewed coffee and coffee beans are great holiday gift ideas under $100
Photo by Burst from Pexels

Every coffee lover you know will agree that there is no such thing as too much coffee. It is one of the most affordable holiday gifts and will always be appreciated all year round.

  • Tea Tasting Sampler by My Tea Snob ($27)
    Tea lovers will appreciate this gift box that includes five different blends that they can enjoy at different times of the day.
  • Coffee Gift Subscription by No Decaf Allowed ($19.99-$58.50)
    Depending on the subscription you will choose, the giftee will receive a bag of coffee hand-picked based on the roast preference and beans that you will select when you add to the cart.
  • The Line Up by Steeped Coffee ($44.85)
    Choose the kind of coffee roast you want from the four choices and you will get 24 pieces of single-serve coffee roast delivered to your giftee’s doorsteps.
  • Hot Sauce for Coffee by Ujjo ($25)
    If your giftee is in for something new, give him Ujjo’s sampler pack. This definitely adds spice to their usual coffee or other choices of morning drinks.
  • Cold Brew Variety Pack by Explorer Cold Brew Co. ($50)
    We’ve mentioned Explorer in our past gift guides, and it’s made it to our top list again! We love Explorer cold brew bottles because they’re perfect for on-the-go and let you add exactly the amount of caffeine you’re looking for! We also love that they are organic and fair-trade coffee and aim to be the most sustainable coffee on the planet.


Kids & Family

KindSide cards
Photo by KindSide

If you’re shopping for kids this holiday season – whether your own or your younger siblings / nieces, we recommend going for gifts that will last beyond one season! Find gifts that support their education and creativity or those essential in their everyday lives. Here are our favorite affordable holiday gifts for kids of all ages (and pro tip: check out our kids gifts best practices!)

  • The Baby’s Basic Bundle by Ella Ola ($85)
    This 3-product combo is perfect for the baby’s daily care needs – shampoo & wash, lotion, and face cream. These are all formulated without parabens, fragrances, and essential oils. Definitely safe for your baby’s skin!
  • USA Mini+ Map by Gathre ($95)
    This USA Map tapestry is perfect for your little traveler. This can get him familiarized with the spelling of the states and their location. You can also opt to hang it on his wall and pin all the states he has visited or use it as a portable play mat or tablecloth.
  • Mama and Me Mental Wellness Bundle by KindSide ($65)
    These past years have been extra difficult for most of us. Make things a little bit better by gifting these KindSide Hope Cards for Mama and Kid. These 28-piece affirmation cards contain words that can support mental well-being and may serve as a daily inspiration to keep going. The cards also have a hand-painted design by San Francisco-based painter and illustrator Lindsay Stripling.

[BONUS] Group giftable: Kids Art Boxes by Outside the Box Creation ($41.95-$137.85)
Support your future Picasso by signing up for Outside the Box Creation’s Kids Art Boxes. Each box is carefully curated to give a fun and engaging educational activity for kids (and even for the whole family) to enjoy. You can choose a one-time box or sign up for a monthly subscription. If you choose to go for the more expensive gift options, you can always set it up as a group gift and split it with friends or family.


Self-care for Him and Her

Self-care holiday gift ideas under $100 include WLDKAT glow serum
Photo from WLDKAT

The holiday season is a great time for us to give gifts that pamper the receiver’s body and soul.

  • Joy in a Jar by Octimber ($25)
    We may find joy in unusual places like in this Joy in a Jar. Inside this 16-ounce mason jar are pieces of the dried flower garden, lavender, and 24 pieces of words of personal affirmation. Perfect for anyone who likes to get motivation and inspiration. It also comes with a twine, clothespin, and an Octimber board you can use in whatever way they would give you joy.
  • Glow Serum by WLDKAT ($25)
    Give this to anyone who needs to receive compliments that her skin is glowing. This holy grail is not just beneficial to the skin but also to the environment as it is a clean, cruelty-free, vegan, and sustainable skincare product.
  • One Swipe Wonders by We are Fluide ($25)
    This ultimate set includes four of the most wearable and simple-to-use bestsellers. Ideal for an everyday look.
  • Cuddle Me Cozy by Companion Candles ($25)
    For anyone who wants to feel relaxed, lighting this gardenia-scented candle can feel like a much-needed warm hug on any day. Cuddle Me Cozy candle has a ~40-hour burn time and is made of an organic, renewable, and pesticide-free coconut-soy wax blend. It is free of paraffin, phthalates, preservatives, and petroleum.

[BONUS] Group giftable: Foci 1 – Productivity Wearable by FOCI ($119)
Foci is a wearable technology that will help you in emotion tracking, deep work, give distraction alerts, and focus boost. A perfect gift to anyone who wants to boost their productivity in work or in school so they can find better balance outside of it!


Holiday Party Snacks

KOE Kombucha Mango drink being poured in a glass
Photo from KOE Kombucha

Last but not least, let’s not forget about holiday parties! Here are our favorite yummy picks to bring to any potluck or holiday party.

  • 6-pack Variety Pack by Moonshot Snacks ($36)
    Delicious flavors AND climate-friendly! We’ve tried these crackers ourselves and are obsessed with the variety pack flavors (Sourdough Sea Salt, Rosemary Garlic, and Tomato Basil) and this definitely takes the cake. Perfect pairing with brie, goat cheese, mozzarella/tomato/basil, or any vegan cheese you want to bring to the party.
  • Koe Blueberry Ginger by Koe Organic Kombucha ($29.99)
    Koe Organic Kombucha proves that healthy drinks can also be tasty. This drink is more than just a mix of tea and different fruit combinations. It also uses the best organic ingredients and has live probiotics that aid in a better immune system and digestion.


Giving Back This Holiday Season

This holiday season can be brighter if we choose to help food-insecure families with children and communities of color who are badly affected by the pandemic.

One way to do so is by donating to Feeding America, the nation’s leading hunger-relief charity. Rest assured that every $1 you donate will help provide at least 10 meals to families in need through their food banks. You can also choose to donate to Feed the Children to help alleviate childhood hunger across the globe.

No matter what gifts you choose, and whether you buy them solo or as a group gift (or if you forgo gifts altogether this year), we wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season!


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