Presently’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: A Gift Idea For Everyone On Your List

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The holiday season is such an exciting time. Everyone gathers to celebrate and reflect on the year we have had, and discusses the year we have ahead of us. As we come together to celebrate, we begin to realize how much, and how many people we have to be grateful for!

If you are looking for ways to further connect the whole family, set up a group gift for someone in your circle who went the extra mile this year. Whether they hosted the holiday, or simply made it through a lot, show your loved one some support from everyone in the fam.

With all this love and gratitude comes a long list of people that we need to share it with. Presently is here to help you choose the best gift for everyone on your list! From baby cousin to grandma, below you will find the perfect present for all your favorite people.


The Ultimate Guide To Holiday Traditions

Learn about other cultures and their interpretations of the holiday season, and discover new ways to celebrate with your loved ones!


Making Secret Santa More Sustainable: 12 Gift Ideas That Support Eco-Friendly Businesses

Level up your secret santa this holiday season with these 12 sustainable gift ideas sure to put a smile on any giftee's face!


12 Group Gift Ideas to Support Female/BIPOC-owned or Sustainable Businesses This Holiday Season

Support your local community this holiday season by shopping from Presently's list of approved business retailers.


Gifting For Grandparents: 6 Gifts To Help You Achieve “Favorite Grandchild” Status This Holiday Season

Grandparents LOVE gifts that hold meaning. Check out these group gift ideas sure to put a big smile on grandma or grandpas face this holiday!

Your Parents

Get On A Parent’s Good Side: 5 Parent-Approved Holiday Gifts!

Whether it be a snazzy coffee maker or an easier way to make dinner, gift your parents something they will appreciate this holiday!

New parents

5 Fun Gifts Ideas For New Parents This Holiday Season

Whether it gets the baby to sleep, or sparks a simple date night, here are some ideas sure to give new parents some needed relaxation time.


8 Unique Holiday Gifts For The Millennial In Your Life

Millennials can be tough to find the right gift for. Impress the Gen Y'er in your life with one of these eight amazing group gift ideas.


7 Trendy Gifts For Teens Sure To Make You The “Cool Relative” This Holiday Season

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Top Group Gifts for Kids This Holiday Season

Check out these amazing holiday gift ideas for kids! Find the perfect present for your little one, whether they are an infant or a teen.


5 Virtual Group Gift Ideas For When You Can’t Celebrate Together

Give a virtual group gift and celebrate special occasions together, even when physically distant. Collaborate on a gift that is both virtual and meaningful!

Unique gifts

Up Your Gifting Game: Six Unique Gift Ideas To Take Your Holiday Season To The Next Level

Gift with meaning this holiday season by checking out Presently's list of six unique gift ideas that are at the forefront of innovation.

Virtual Celebrations

Embracing Tradition Virtually: Celebrate And Connect This Season With These Four Fun Tips

Celebrate tradition with your loved ones this season with these four fun virtual holiday tips sure to engage the whole family!


Presently is a group-gifting platform that gives people an easy way to contribute to a single gift, together. Presently enables communities to gift better, choosing quality over quantity. Organize a group gift here.

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