Setting Intentions for 2022 (With a Little Help From Your Friends at Presently)

setting for intentions for 2021
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We made it! Another trip around the sun. What’s on your list of goals for 2021? Or should we say intentions for 2021?

Instead of setting resolutions this year, set intentions for 2021. What do you want to invite into your life? While resolutions may focus on outcomes, intentions focus on how we want to live day-to-day. Intentions help us reframe our mindset to create small actions every day toward living a more wholesome and mindful lifestyle, honoring how we show up for ourselves throughout the journey. 

Presently is also setting intentions for 2021! As we reflect on 2020 and enter the new year, we want to create a year anchored around more meaningful connections.

As you think through your intentions for 2021, here are some of the most commonly set intentions for the new year: 

🏋️  Take care of yourself 

💝  Deepen your connection with loved ones 

👋  Be open to new friendships 

💰  Spend only on the things that bring you joy


To kick the year off, we want to use our platform to help you set your best intentions for the new year. Here are some ways that you can put your best foot forward as we head into 2021!


Take care of yourself 

Exercise is the most commonly set New Years’ resolution, and we’re reframing it this year to instead prioritize self-care, as the true measure of physical health begins from within. We’re kicking off a Month of Self Care to share resources that help you celebrate your body, mind, and soul while finding joy in the small moments. 

We’re hosting everything from live streams to giveaways are centered around helping our community of users become the best version of themselves in 2021! Register here and stay tuned on our socials to stay up to date with all the fun and ~zen~ events we have in store. 


Deepen your connection with loved ones

2020 reframed what it meant to spend quality time with loved ones. Though we couldn’t always be in person with them, for some of us teaching grandma how to use Zoom meant we could spend more time with them than ever before!

We launched a new feature in December that allows you to bring loved ones together to create a group card for a special someone. Whether through a gift or through a card, we hope the group experience on our platform makes you feel like you’re all part of one big virtual hug!


Be open to new friendships

Connection is a core part of self-care – that includes both connecting with yourself and connecting with others! While it can be more difficult to meet new people during social distancing, there are still fun and safe ways to make new friends through virtual interest groups, like a book club or virtual workout session, or through social media, like Twitter or Clubhouse.

As we continue to grow as a platform, we aim to actively create a space where virtual celebration feels the same as physical. The more exciting features that we develop into our user experience, the easier it will become for you to grow your social circle with Presently. 


Spend only on the things that bring you joy

So many of us go into the new year with a list of areas where we should be cutting spending; one way to reframe this as a positive intention for 2020 is to spend on the things that bring you joy. While we can’t help you manage your day-to-day budget, we can help you become more intentional about 2021 gift spending.

We wrote a nifty piece on group gifting that explains how bringing many friends together to buy one gift can not only afford the recipient a bigger, better gift but also lightens the financial burden on everyone involved. If you use Presently for all gifts in your friend group, you can save money and reduce your environmental footprint; and, when it’s your turn to receive, you may just receive your dream gift! 


We also pulled together some additional ways that Presently can help you do good as you enter the new year, kicking off your intentions for 2021 with extra gratitude and support:

Support local communities

This year we created an Approved Retailer List to help you find small businesses that are eco-friendly, BIPOC-owned, and/or female-owned. Our list has over 170 businesses that carry items across the categories of Self-Care, Electronics, Home, Food and Beverage, and more. You can submit a business close to your heart to the list through our Submission Form, sharing your favorite local shop with users across the country! 


Reducing your environmental footprint 

We can probably all agree that we own way more things than we need. One way to actively mitigate that problem is by focusing on quality over quantity when giving gifts to loved ones. Instead of individual gifts, try something different this year: pool funds with others to gift something truly special. The gift will have even more meaning coming from a group of people and will create a network effect of reduced gifting waste and footprint. Strengthen that network effect by letting friends, coworkers, and family know about ways to be more conscious gifters.


We hope that you will embark on this journey of connection with us, and we aim to help you best achieve your goals this year by using our platform to bring quality and purpose into every relationship you have.


Happy New Year and Happy Connecting! 


Presently is a group-gifting platform that gives people an easy way to contribute to a single gift, together. Presently enables communities to gift better, choosing quality over quantity. Organize a group gift here.

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