Take Your Virtual Galentines To The Next Level With These 6 Activities

woman celebrating virtual galentines via Zoom

Whether you’re cuddled up with your boo or a tub of your favorite ice cream this Valentine’s Day, you deserve to celebrate the love that truly really lasts a lifetime: your gals. Celebrate virtual galentines with them!

Presently launched two new V-Day tools that let you and your besties celebrate one another through the memories and individual traits that make your gang the dysfunctionally-beautiful mess it is.

Here’s how a Galentine’s Group Card works: 

  1. Pick an organizer
  2. Head to our Galentine’s Group Card page
  3. Enter your group name and all your friend’s names
  4. Copy and share your custom link in your group chat and follow the prompts to submit a card for each of your BFFs
  5. Schedule a group zoom to share the messages & the love! 🥰

Or, send a valentine through Secret Cupid if you have a special someone in mind this year. Whether sending your bae a virtual rose or some love over to a friend or love interest, there’s no better way to bring some extra love to the holidays. Want to keep it anonymous? Your secret’s safe with us 😉 Just check the “make anonymous” button when filling out your cupid card. 

To kick the fun up a notch, take your virtual Galentines Day to the next level with these 5 fun activities sure to make all the girls feel like they are back in the same room together. P.S., for gals in relationships, we have a surprise for you too at the end!


Virtual Galentines Guessing Game 

two women sharing a good laugh during their virtual galentines

Get everyone laughing by sharing your Galentine’s Group Card reactions out loud! Once you have everyone on zoom, take turns sharing your Galentines cards and laughing about your funniest and craziest of group memories together. You can even share them without saying who sent the note, and have the group guess who did what! 


Bake off 

woman trying out a recipe they prepared for their virtual galentines event

For this virtual galentines event, take a step up from typical chocolate boxes. Have everyone find a recipe and ingredients before the celebration and create some friendly competition by whipping up fun and festive snacks! Check out these delicious ideas on our Pinterest for some inspo, from cake pops to full-blown dessert charcuterie boards. 


Virtual Cocktails/ Mocktails

ladies drinking wine together via Zoom for their virtual galentines party

Reward yourself after all that baking and make a fun drink with the girls! Pick a few recipes beforehand and turn your girl group into a bartender squad with some creative winter drinks for this virtual galentines party. If you want a little extra guidance, check out Liquid Lab’s Valentine’s Day Class. The class is showcasing seasonal ingredients with a fun and interactive atmosphere, including some cocktail-related trivia! 


Watch A Movie

two women watching a movie together on their laptopOne of the best ways to celebrate this virtual Galentines is by watching some of the most iconic love stories play out on the big screen! (Well, the small screen of your laptop but you get the point.) A great way for the whole group to get laughing, crying, and smiling on the emotional rollercoaster that a lovey-dovey drama can bring you on is Teleparty. The new plugin allows you to watch TV with your friends online, synchronizing video playback and adding your group chat to Netflix, Disney, Hulu, and HBO for same-time viewing. Once installed, all you have to do is grab your tissue boxes and cue The Notebook!


DIY Facemasks

woman holding cucumber cuts and has a face mask on

Finish off the night with a relaxing facemask! There are a ton of recipes out there that you can easily make with ingredients you already have in your house. Here’s a Pinterest board we put together with some ideas for some simple and relaxing spa time at this virtual Galentines event.


For gals in relationships

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about the gals who also have a partner! For the couple who loves to chef it up, check out this virtual V-day class by My Cooking Party. The NYC hosts will “drink, mingle, chop, sear and flambe their way into your hearts!”

If you are looking for an extra spark in your romantic life, the Rekindling Desire workshop led by famous psychotherapist Esther Perel may be perfect for you and your partner. The workshop is designed to rekindle intimacy, curiosity, and confidence in your love life, no matter what stage of life you are in. 


What’s next?

As you continue to appreciate your gals, keep Presently in mind when it comes to getting your besties, family members, or coworkers a gift or card for any occasion or milestone. By gifting with Presently, you are gifting with meaning and purpose, while adding a personal touch by adding everyone in on the love for your favorite person. 


Happy Galentine’s Day from the Presently gals! #femaleled 💗


BONUS: V-Day Insta-story Templates

Share a copy of these templates on your insta-story! First with your responses and then blank so your friends can fill it out too!


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