The Best Luxury Group Gift Ideas To Give All Year Round

Burj Al-Arab is a luxury hotel in Dubai
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We all know the tried and true saying “It’s the thought that counts!” in gifting, but we also can’t deny that it feels great when people take the extra step to get you something ~really~ special like these luxury gift ideas on our list.

Getting someone a luxury gift that they might not have been able to afford comfortably on their own shows real care from the group that comes together to celebrate them. Traditionally, this would take a lot of coordination from the gift organizer, but setting up a group gift with Presently is a breeze. To make your gifting process even smoother, here is Presently’s gift guide to all things luxury! (+ an added focus on sustainable products!)


Vacation Getaway

vacation getaway in London is a great luxury gift
Photo by Dominika Gregušová

Everyone has different reasons for traveling, so here are a few via WeTravel:

Send the yogi in your life to Bali to strengthen their practice, the chef to Chiang Mai, Thailand for some of the world’s best street food, or get them into art by sending them to Shenandoah Art Destination in Virginia.

For something a little different than the traditional beach escape, look into Iceland’s Blue Lagoon, the world’s largest geothermal pool. If your bestie is still looking for some beach time, the West Coast is really the best coast for some sun and sand.

Sometimes all you need is some good self-reflection. London was voted one of the most popular solo tourist destinations a few years back for its rich history and friendly people. If they seek pure adventure, Australia is the place for interacting with rare animals or taking a diving lesson.

For the couple looking for some luxurious quality time, send your friends on the honeymoon of their dreams by setting up a group gift. This allows all of their loved ones to contribute to the lovely couple’s first holiday as a wedding gift! Book the newlyweds a trip to romantic travel destinations like The Maldives or Santorini, Greece. For the hiking couple, Sedona or The Grand Canyon will be perfect for some scenic sightseeing!

Alternatively, if your friend doesn’t need a trip but could use something to accompany or support their next adventure, check out our blog for travel lovers here!



Paintings like Roses by Vincent Van Gogh, 1890 is a luxury art
Roses by Vincent Van Gogh, 1890. Courtesy of National Gallery of Art, Washington.

Whether you are celebrating someone who has a new space that needs decorating, or is just a true appreciator of fine art, a beautiful piece of work makes one of the timeless luxury gift ideas.

To start your search online, check out Singulart and Art Finder as two of the well-known art marketplaces to buy luxury paintings online. They carry thousands of original artworks of both known and emerging independent artists around the world! You can also look for more affordable prints with or without frames on DecorArts, Etsy, or Society6.

For the art lover who is also a tech guru, look no further than NFT art. Saatchi Art is one of the leading NFT artwork marketplaces, allowing buyers to use cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. You can also check out Foundation to support emerging NFT artists.

For the friend who’s always collecting, Funko Pop’s got some awesome collectibles. Most of the cool Funko Pop! items are at an affordable price, making them one of fun and easy items to collect. But there are some Funko Pops with more features that are worth much more than the others, like the Clockwork Orange Funko Chase ($13,300) or the whole set of Funko POP Marvel Eternals. The more expensive items are perfect to split as a group gift.

Plus, an added benefit of gifting artwork is that paintings almost always increase in their value over time!



luxury jewelry from Mejuri
Photo from Mejuri

Nothing says luxury like a sparkly piece of jewelry, only complete with diamonds and opals! For a wearable gift of beauty, check out Mejuri, Stone and Strand, and Forbes just named these three brands the top affordable online-based diamond jewelers!

For a great sustainable option, Aether Diamonds is the first B-Corp diamond producer that creates breathtaking pieces of jewelry and positive-impact diamonds literally through thin air.

Another great luxury option is the artisan handcrafted jewelry by John Hardy, specifically featuring the Wear Bamboo, Plant Bamboo Collection that will plant 1 to 3 seedlings in Bali for every purchase made.

(PS: Make sure to tag us if you get featured in Tiktok’s diamond challenge!)


New Furniture

West Elm Shane bookshelf new furniture as luxury gift
Photo from West Elm

Whether the giftee is in a new place or simply looking to shift their apartment around, getting them the perfect piece of furniture can help them to absolutely transform their space.

For an extraordinary office transformation, check out Medley’s sleek Burr Accent Chair, West Elm’s Zane Bookshelf, or a timeless area rug from Burrow. Any of these sustainable furniture pieces will have the giftee’s space looking like it came straight from a Pinterest board.


Antique/vintage items

pieces of antique and vintage furniture
Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko

In a world of hyper-modern interior design, find vintage furniture pieces that bring authentic, intentional detail back to life. There are tons of online marketplaces like AptDeco, Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, Hunt Vintage, and eBay. Use keywords that match your giftee’s aesthetic, and after a little bit of digging, you are sure to find the perfect match.

If you want an in-person experience, gift them a budget and spend a day going to your local vintage and antique shops to find the piece of their dreams!


Hobby items

two people holding their bikes
Photo by Pavel Danilyuk

Whenever we lose touch with our favorite hobby, receiving one of these luxury gift ideas that allow us to embrace it again really helps re-kickstart our passion! For the fitness lover whose favorite form of movement requires two wheels, get them some parts needed to get their bike in tip top shape for getting it back on the road. Simply figure out what parts they need (cassette, chainring, pedals, ect.) for the ultimate bike upgrade. You can even scratch the update idea and replace it with a brand new electric bike! The Lectric XP LITE is a perfect mode of transportation for those who ride on flat and moderately hilly terrain.

Other great hobby fuel includes the Playdo 4-Season Waterproof Tent for glampers, a Wilson Golf Set (Men’s, Women’s) for an elevated presence on the green, the Table Caddy by Docktail Bar for the friend always on their boat, or you can never go wrong with a GoPro for the skier or skydiver that needs to get the perfect thrill-seeking shot.



watch as luxury gifts
Photo by Mister Mister

Watches are also a great luxury gifting staple. When we think of a fancy watch, our minds immediately go to the infamous Rolex. There are also watch brands that are considered notable luxury gift ideas without the multi-thousand-dollar price tag.

For a stunning classic watch that can be perfect for the office or a social gathering, look through the beautiful product offerings at Bulova. For the outdoorsy friend, look no further than the  Garmin Fenix 7 Smartwatch. It has amazing multisport performance features, long battery life, outdoor navigation, and GPS.

Finally, we couldn’t feature watch gifts without the infamous Apple Watch! The Apple Watch Series 7 (GPS + Cellular) is a perfect addition to anyone’s everyday OOTD. It has most of the functions of a mobile phone, so the giftee can conveniently leave their phone at home while going through their day from payments to phone calls.



luxury and sustainable bag brand ABLE
Photo from Able

Paris Fashion Week shows us that Hermès and Bottega Veneta are truly the bags of the rich and famous. Help your friend achieve their designer dreams by setting up a group gift for a handbag. If you prefer a second-hand option, check out Amazon, Depop, or Etsy for pre-loved bags. Just make sure to check the item’s authenticity before you purchase!

For more mission-oriented luxury gift ideas, check out Cuyuna, Nisolo, and ABLE. They are all certified as part of the Leather Working Group, which guarantees responsible leather sourcing. Additionally take a look at the beautiful AND functional bags by Von Holzhausen, which are designed using leather made from recycled material and biodegradable bamboo!



wines are great luxury gift ideas
Photo by Brett Sayles

Wine makes one of the best luxury gift ideas, as it can be used for anything from some me-time to a social gathering! For the best of the grape, consider France’s Château Lafite Rothschild or Australia’s Penfolds Grange to please the wine aficionado in your life. To add on an accessory, we recommend the highly-rated Ivation Wine Gift Set.

For a bold wine-lover, you can also gift a fancy wine subscription to SommSelect. A subscription weighs in at $99 a month for four bottles, including a theme each month showcasing where the wine originates from.

For a more extensive list of wine-related gift ideas, check out our piece 8 Group Gifts for Wine Lovers!

Here’s a quick video on how you can start your group gift.

Giving Back

Take into consideration that while supporting a loved one’s dream of having their own luxury items, you can also remain cognizant of the ways that your group gift can help preserve the beautiful world we live in. Set up a group gift to additionally give to the organizations that are spearheading conservation efforts throughout the world.

The Nature Conservancy is involved in tackling the dual threats of accelerated climate change and unprecedented biodiversity loss. Fauna & Flora International is another great organization on a mission to conserve threatened species and ecosystems worldwide. Both organizations are using a science-based approach to tackle climate change and build conservation capacity.

When setting up a group gift, consider having the extra funds go towards a charity that cares for the environment so that future generations can still enjoy the luxury of what our world has to offer.


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