The Very Best Gift Ideas for the Zodiac Signs

Zodiac signs and their symbols
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No matter how well we know our friends or family, we seem to forget anything they remotely like when it’s time to buy a present. We read our horoscopes to get insight into our social lives, compatibility levels, and relationship advice, so why not use astrology as a tool to guide you to finding the perfect gift? This list contains the very best gift ideas for the zodiac signs that will help you better understand your loved ones and get them a present they’ll cherish forever.

We know that buying gifts for loved ones on your own can be stressful and pricey, so make gifting a group effort with the gifts listed below. If you see something you love that’s a little pricey, get your whole crew together and organize a group gift on Presently.





the very best gift ideas for the zodiac signs for Aries
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Aries (March 21-April 19):

Aries archetypes are your fearless and most loyal friends. Living up to their symbol, the ram, Aries are high-energy and natural-born leaders. These fire signs are also competitive and will do anything on a dare, meaning they often think after they act. You can always spot an Aries shining on the sports field, jumping off a plane, or organizing a wild party.

Gift your daredevil an experience of a lifetime on Airbnb Adventures such as a winter mountain trek to Mount Toubkal in Morocco ($249) or a Grand Canyon camping adventure ($350). Any Aries will love to rise to the challenge of a unique escapade around the world. Or if they’re trying to lay low for a change, give them an ANCHEER electric mountain bike ($589.99) to ride around on during their downtime. This is a great opportunity to organize a group gift and collaborate with some friends since this bike is on a higher budget!



Plants are the very best gift ideas for the zodiac signs for Taurus
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Taurus (April 20-May 20):

Intelligent, well-grounded, and hardworking, a Taurus will give you all or nothing in everything that they do. These individuals are one of the most reliable out of the signs of the zodiac and they’re ready to stick to their choices until the point of personal satisfaction. A Taurus can be stubborn at times, but that comes with devotion and responsibility.

The Taurus loves to work with their hands and be surrounded by nature’s beauty, which is why a fun gardening tool like The Farmstand ($399-$699) from Lettuce Grow is the perfect gift for them. They’re also always down to chill on the couch or appreciate a good cuddle session. Get your Taurus BFF a Pangaia 365 sweatshirt ($145) and matching track pants ($135) that are simple, chic, and sustainable – just like them.



the very best gift ideas for the zodiac signs like Gemini are party and speaker on the beach
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Gemini (May 21-June 21):

Geminis are a double-edged sword – charismatic and funny but also observant and analytical. These social butterflies are often misinterpreted as two-faced; however, Geminis are just involved in a variety of hobbies which makes them adaptable to any environment or social group. It may be obvious that a Gemini loves to chat, but they are also surprisingly gentle and sensitive listeners.

Get your genial Gemini a JBL PartyBox On-The-Go ($229.95) as the finishing touch to all the social events they’ll be hosting this summer. And for their intellectual side, purchase them a 6-month book subscription from Page 1 Books ($185) that’s hand-picked and tailored to their taste!



Magazine on bed
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Cancer (June 22-July 22):

Represented by the crab, Cancers are hard on the exterior but reveal themselves to be highly gentle, sensitive, and compassionate. Although it may take a while for a Cancer to open up, these individuals are the ultimate caretakers. Cancers care deeply about their friends and family and love to take on their loved one’s problems. Comfort and self-care are top priorities for the air sign as they tend to be homebodies. They are drawn to stability and routine, meaning they don’t particularly like change or surprises.

Help a Cancer transform their home into the cozy, personal sanctuary they long for by gifting them a 100% linen sheet set from Linoto ($299). A new set of smooth linen sheets will elevate all the quality time a Cancer spends in bed. You can also get your self-care guru a FOREO UFO 2 Power Mask ($219); a perfect addition to their daily skincare routine and at-home spa nights.



Furtuna Skin Rituale Luminoso Transformation set
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Leo (July 23-August 22):

Bold, creative, and confident, Leos love to be the center of attention. You can always rely on the Leo in your group to get everyone excited about virtually anything. Represented by the lion and ruled by the sun, a Leo’s characteristics are very much defined by their symbols. Like the lion, Leos trust their instincts and are ready to take on everything they set out to do. Like the fiery sun, Leos also tend to be warm and inviting. Their captivating personalities will draw in anyone they meet. Because a Leo longs to feel important, they are captivated by luxury and like to stand out in a crowd.

To make sure the fire sign looks good when they’re in the spotlight, get them the Furtuna Skin Rituale Luminoso Transformation set ($395) from Goop that’s just as luxurious as they are. A Leo will thank you for the extra boost of confidence – not that they need it. Another great gift to add fuel to a Leo’s fire is a flashy, but sophisticated unisex solid 14 karat gold curb chain ($1,805) from Automic Gold – this brand is LGBTQ+-owned and sustainably sourced. Because this present is on the pricier side, gather a group of friends and organize it as a group gift for your Leo loved one.



Planner and journal
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Virgo (August 23-September 22):

Grounded by the earth element, Virgos are practical and reliant by nature. They have an eye for detail and are very particular. Virgos approach life in a systematic manner and once they establish a lifestyle pattern, they tend to stick to it for life. These individuals, ruled by Mercury, are often dubbed as “walking encyclopedias” because they know a little bit about everything. Their attention to detail can lead them to be perfectionists and overly critical of themselves at times.

Feeling needed and productive drives a Virgo’s happiness, which is why a pen and planner duo is the perfect gift. Get them a luxury Mont Blanc pen that they’ll cherish forever and a Papier planner ($28) that they can use to check things off their to-do lists. Any practical Virgo will also appreciate a new Oral-B Genius X Limited Electric Toothbrush ($134.00), modest and minimal, just how they like it.



Large mirrors are the very best gift ideas for the zodiac signs like Libra
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Libra (September 23-October 23):

Flirty, sociable, and ruled by the planet of romance, shopping for a Libra friend should be a breeze. Libras are symbolized by the scales, meaning they appreciate order and are always trying to keep the peace. Libras hate confrontation and have rose-colored glasses when it comes to love and relationships. Even though they have huge hearts, the Libra is indecisive and often struggles with committing; making them unreliable, but incredibly fun.

Libras love to be pampered and spoiled, so get them a gift that will make them feel beautiful. A custom perfume or cologne is perfect to aid your Libra bestie in their flirtatious endeavors. Get them a personalized 100mL scent ($159) on Waft. Handpick the ingredients, occasion, and notes and get matched with a perfumer to help you through the process. With a keen eye for aesthetics and fashion, let your Libra appreciate their impeccable outfits with this full-length mirror ($1,598) from Anthropologie. It’s pretty pricey, so organize a group gift and let your Libra bask in all the attention they’re always looking for.



Oil diffuser on counter
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Scorpio (October 24-November 21):

Ruled by Pluto and represented by the scorpion, Scorpios are drawn to some pretty dark stuff. Mysterious, secretive, and commonly known as the most misunderstood sign, a Scorpio’s blunt nature distinguishes them from other emotional water signs. Scorpios are determined, honest, and incredibly loyal, making them great friends but intense rivals.

When shopping for your brooding Scorpio friend, get them something to calm their mind and keep them in touch with their intense emotions. Purchase a lifetime-online meditation subscription ($399.99) from Calm which works to improve sleep, reduce stress, and improve focus through meditation practices, sleep stories, and more. Another perfect present to get a Scorpio out of their head is an oil diffuser ($123). This sleek aromatherapy tool is a beautiful addition to any home and pairs perfectly with your friend’s new meditation ritual.



Wine glasses
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Sagittarius (November 22-December 21):

Optimistic, adventurous, and brutally honest, there’s no telling what you’ll get into with your Sagittarius friend. Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck, things always seem to work out for Sags, which is why they’re such risk-takers. Incredibly sociable and known as the funniest zodiac sign, the Sagittarius is always down to be the center of attention and the life of the party. The Sagittarius is a supportive friend but a dodgy romantic partner, often getting bored and struggling to commit.

Get your fun-loving Saggitarius a gift that will inspire their adventurous side like a Briggs & Riley luggage set ($199-$825). Be careful with this gift though, you may not see your Sagittarius friend for months as they jet-set across the world with their fancy carry-ons. If they prefer to stay at home, keep your Sag in the partying spirit with this hand-blown glassware set from Food52 ($170-$185) for all of their hosting and toasting needs.



Floating bookshelf
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Capricorn (December 22-January 19):

Ruled by Saturn, the planet of time and restrictions, your favorite Capricorn is always the first friend at brunch. Goal-oriented, hard-working, and intense, a Capricorn always sticks to their instincts and marches to the beat of their own drum. Capricorns are stubborn and tough critics, but their planning and organizational skills make them great leaders and bosses.

Keep your Capricorn on top of their busy schedule and get a gift to make their workday run a little smoother. Buy them a trendy watch ($185) from Breda that will go with every outfit and keep them ten minutes early for every meeting. Another option is this versatile floating bookshelf ($349) from Ballard Designs. This minimalist piece is perfect for shelving self-help books, business magazines, or anything else your classy Cap is reading at the moment.



Print of woman with jar
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Aquarius (January 20-February 18):

Fun-loving, out of the box, and unique, your Aquarius friend loves anything out of the ordinary. Ruled by Uranus, the planet of change and innovation, this air sign is known for its creative and rebellious nature. While an Aquarius is optimistic and easy-going, they can be detached and flaky, making them an occasionally unreliable friend or partner. Nevertheless, you love your Aquarian friend’s spunk and ability to turn any mundane situation into something special.

Get your artsy Aquarius something to bring out their inner creativity. Group gift a vintage Fuji film camera ($660-$1,400) and be amazed at what they create. If your Aquarius is more of a lover of art than an artist, get them this Aquarius print from Crate & Barrel ($99) as an addition to their collection of paintings they definitely have at home.



Record player
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Pisces (February 19-March 20):

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, meaning they’re dreamy, emotional, and spiritual. Your Pisces friend can probably be found wandering through a museum or crying to their favorite sad songs with a cup of tea. Pisces are thought to be the most empathetic of the zodiac signs, making them incredibly caring friends. However, a Pisces tends to feel sorry for themselves and struggles with confrontation.

Get your sweet Pisces friend a tapestry ($178) to turn their bedroom into a landscape from their daydreams. Let them pick the style or surprise them with your favorite print (because a Pisces can be indecisive). A Pisces would also love a record player ($249.99) to complement their late-night jam sessions, and their sentimental nature will appreciate the allure of something vintage.


Group Gifting on Presently

Whether your loved one is an astrology buff or not, let the zodiac inspire your gifting this year! Be sure you have your friend’s birthday right, pick a gift from above, and organize a group gift to celebrate any occasion. From Aries to Pisces, get your special someone a gift they’re sure to adore. After all, it’s written in the stars! Use the code ASTRO when organizing your group gift and Presently will waive all gifting fees.


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