2022 Holiday Season


We’re bringing more small business representation to and Presently!

Submit your most giftable product for consideration in GiftPicker's 2022 Holiday database. Some submissions will also be considered for a feature in Presently's blog.

We will only approve one product per category per brand (e.g., only one coffee product if multiple coffee products are sold by the company) but brands can submit in up to two product categories (e.g., coffee subscription and a premium tea kettle). Please do not submit more than the max of two.

All submissions must offer reasonable shipping time and cost in US.

Contact Information

Product Submission

Two sentences work best! Ideally written in 3rd person, explaining why it's a great gift versus only selling features because the audience is usually buying for other people, not themselves.
URL must end with .png, .jpeg, .jpg, or .gif.

Orientation: Landscape or square photos will crop best!

File link: No Google Drive, Dropbox or file transfer links. Images must be self-hosted. Instructions here: