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🎁 Group gifts collect funds for a big gift

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📧 Individual e-card sends a personal note

🎊 Group memory book is a big card swap

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How does it work?

It takes just three easy steps to organize your group gift! Complete the sign-up on the right to create a custom group gift or card page that you can share with friends or coworkers. They then contribute to the gift and group card. Finally, the recipient receives the gift and card, from Presently or from the organizer directly! Learn more here.


Features users love

Presently makes it easy for friends and family to coordinate on a group gift for any occasion. Here are three features our users love!

Collect contributions

With group gifts, easily collect and track funds from friends and coworkers — all in one place.

Share group card

Share a digital card with messages from contributors with the recipient on the big day!

Customize experience

With photos and custom messages, you can create a fun experience that makes you feel like you’re all celebrating together!
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