Make this birthday special!

Your loved one may be turning 1 or 100 this year, and even though age is just a number, Presently will help make their day special! Gather friends and family from near and far to organize group gifts for kids or adults.

Whether an 18th birthday gift experience, a 70th birthday gift experience, or anything in between, Presently can help you collaborate on a meaningful gift in just 3 minutes. You just set up your fun, personalized gift page, and we will manage the contributions and the birthday card! In addition to reducing waste and clutter from excessive gifts, make this birthday memorable with better group gift ideas for friends and family!

Presently cake for birthday party

How Presently Works

Organize your event

The organizer picks out a single gift for their loved one and signs up to make it a group gift.

Invite contributors

Friends, family, and coworkers contribute to the gift and leave messages for the group card.

Celebrate together

Presently sends the organizer the funds to purchase the gift and a group card to share on the special day!

Gifting with Presently is easy, fun, and better

Don’t just take our word for it

Presently allowed me to contribute to a present I would not have been able to give otherwise because of both distance and COVID-19.

– Contributor

Reaching the birthday gal's friends all over the world who could contribute with basically two clicks wouldn’t have been possible without Presently.

– Organizer

Celebrate together while apart

Presently is an especially great way to help friends get together to do something meaningful when they can’t physically be together. Considering organizing a group gift for a loved one to do something special for an upcoming occasion!

Don’t have an occasion at the moment?

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