At Presently, we’re here to help employers and employees show appreciation – helping boost team morale, engagement, and retention1 with group gifts and cards for coworkers

Celebrate occasions big and small with your team

Whether celebrating a work anniversary or looking for a substitute for a birthday happy hour, teams big and small come together on Presently to celebrate coworkers with a group gift. 

Community and celebration improve employee retention, yet 63% of coworkers spend less time socializing due to COVID. Build team morale and togetherness by celebrating personal and office milestones with a team effort and a personalized touch.


From promotions to baby showers, bring the whole team together to share their congratulations!


Leave no birthday forgotten by getting the team together for a group gift or card!

Other occasions

From thank yous to get well soons, our platform makes it easy to do something special.

Mockup of group gifts for coworkers - reads 'Happy birthday, Sophie' with an image of an Apple Watch, given as a group gift on Presently

The office gift gone virtual
Collect funds and messages from peers to make a coworker feel appreciated for any kind of milestone with our group gifts for coworkers.

Looking for ideas for the perfect gift? Check out our coworker group gift ideas or any of our gift guides based on your colleague’s interests. Don’t need a group gift this time? You can use Presently to collect messages for a group card, too!

Want to distribute employer-sponsored gifts?
When your company distributes holiday or appreciation gifts to employees this year, we’ve got your back. Distribute gift cards to up to 300 employees, funded by your company. To schedule your gift card delivery, select ‘group gift‘ during sign-up, check the box for 3+ recipients, and select the funding source. Or, learn more here.

Animated image showing how to set up group gifts for coworkers

Trusted by teams at the world’s best companies

“We’ve done it the old-fashioned way before and we’ve never gotten this kind of participation from our team! I’m absolutely thrilled to have been able to do this.”
Cheryl, Manager at Real Estate Agency
Gathered $1300+ from 58 contributors
“Presently made it easy for me to coordinate with teammates across the globe to create a truly special memory for my manager. I am so grateful that this platform exists, especially during a time when celebrations are happening a little bit differently than they usually are.”
Ariel C., Manager at Business Insider
Gathered $530 from 20 contributors
“It’s a super handy tool while we are all working from home! Way better than Venmo.”
Rachel M.
Organized 4 group gifts on Presently
“I always understood why group gifting was better from a feature perspective, but it didn’t hit emotionally until I used it for a friend.”
Garrett M., Oklahoma
Participated in a group gift
“Great tool! I was sent a card to sign for a friend's birthday during the pandemic. Great way to provide something tangible for them on a day that not everyone could get together. Excellent alternative!”
Anonymous User
Participated in a group card
“Easy hearding of cats for a group gift. Loved the digital card. Very easy to use, and makes group gifting super easy!!”
Anonymous User
Participated in a group card
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