Celebrate your team with employer-sponsored gift cards!

Gifts are a great way to make employees feel valued and engaged, and the holiday season is no exception! This is why we’ve found a way to make sure that your employees get the best gift possible this year: the ultimate flexibility, with Presently.

About employer-sponsored gifts

Join hundreds of employers, from Amazon to Hallmark, who use Presently to distribute holiday gifts to their employees! Our redemption portal gives recipients the ability to select their preferred gift card. Plus, you can also choose to invite your company’s leadership to add messages to the holiday card for an extra personal touch.

To set up your gift card distribution, select group gift‘ during sign-up, check the box for ‘3+ recipients’, and select ‘company will fund’ for your funding source (more info on that in the FAQ below!)

Animated image showing how to set up group gifts for coworkers

This feature at a glance:

👥  Distribute to 500+ recipients*

Upload recipient contact info via CSV/XLS file or manual entry, or connect with our team for our concierge sign-up process

💳  Multiple funding sources

Fund your multi-recipient gifts with a company contribution during sign-up via credit card, wire, or ACH*

🎁  Employee selects gift

Recipients can choose which gift card they want to redeem from dozens of options, giving them the ultimate flexibility

✍️  Collect signatures

Option to invite coworkers, leadership team, or customers to sign the message board for the recipients

🔔  Plus redemption reminders, status reports, and more

For gifts larger than 500 employees or that require ACH/wire funding, contact our concierge team at [email protected].

Connect with our concierge team

If you have any questions, have more than 500 recipients, or need to set up ACH/wire funding instead of credit card, contact our support team at [email protected].

Join the hundreds of employers on Presently 🎉

Teamwork in gifting 101

Case study 1

The NJ-based office manager worked with our concierge team to organize appreciation gift cards for 108 employees in her office this October! Recipients were able to read each of the messages added by the leadership team and redeemed their $50 gift card with the vendor of their choice (Amazon was most popular!) 89% of the recipients redeemed their gifts, and 43% sent back thank you messages to the leadership team as well.

Case study 2

For the holidays last year, an SF-based software company gifted each of their 410 employees $150 gift cards. The cards were signed by their entire leadership team with thank you’s for all the work put in during the busy year. 94% of the gifts were redeemed, and the company is distributing gift cards again for the coming holiday season to their growing team of 625 employees!

Case study 3

For National Administrative Assistants Day this year, leadership at a healthcare tech company organized cards for 40 EAs and admins as a show of gratitude for all their hard work! Recipients received dozens of personal messages from coworkers across the nation.


Anyone can pre-purchase a gift card value and upload a list of all recipients. We handle the rest, including delivery, reminders, and redemption tracking. Here’s how it works:

1. Add recipients + funding source: Select ‘group gift’ on our sign-up page, check the box for ‘3+ recipients’, and upload the list of gift recipients. Then under funding source, select ‘company will fund’.

2. Message collections: You can also optionally collect messages from others (e.g., coworkers, leadership team) to include with the gift

3. Fund the gift: Enter the total amount you would like distributed to your group (e.g., 40 employees x $50 gift cards = $2000 employer contribution) and make the payment via credit card. A one-time set-up fee will be charged based on your group size.

4. Redemption: Our concierge team will make sure everything is perfect for delivery! Recipients will receive an email at the designated time, and once they open their card, they redeem their gift to their preferred vendor and receive the gift card within 24 hours (usually less than an hour).

Group gifts are our specialty at Presently, as we make it incredibly easy to collect funds and messages from a group of people and deliver that gift to one recipient. 👥 → 👤

This new feature allows for the inverse to be true as well — now, one person (e.g., administrator, HR lead, manager) can distribute gifts to a group of people. One of the many ways we continue to make gifting easier for groups! 👤 → 👥

We’re growing our list of vendors every week. Select “Other” on the list of vendors during sign up to request the vendor of your choice, or email us at [email protected] to put in a vendor request.

Current vendors include Amazon, American Express, Apple, Airbnb, Delta, DoorDash, Etsy, Grubhub, Michaels, Lowes, Target, Visa, Walmart, Wholefoods, and more. If your company offers gift cards and you think they’d be a good fit on Presently, email us at [email protected].

Have more questions? See our FAQ.

Celebrate together, with Presently

Use Presently for every occasion, from a coworker’s baby shower to appreciation for a job well done. Presently helps strengthen culture while remote by making it easy to celebrate better, together!